An Open Letter To People Who Have Issues With Harry Styles Wearing A Dress
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​If You Have An Issue With Harry Styles Wearing A Dress, This Is For You

Harry Styles, the first male to appear solo on the cover of Vogue in American history should be something celebrated, not denounced.

​If You Have An Issue With Harry Styles Wearing A Dress, This Is For You

Harry Styles has consistently been catapulted into stardom for countless reasons such as, but not limited to: being an amazing artist and an all-around phenomenal human to admire. Renowned for leading his platform through kindness, acceptance, love, and self-expression. It is not a secret to anyone that follows Harry Styles that he upholds an eccentric sense of fashion. Harry Styles is a mogul for shifting the traditional gender fashion roles towards a more gender-neutral normative fashion. He leads this by rocking whatever fashion he wishes to express himself in and extending the same acceptance and kindness to others.

Need proof? Harry Styles' mantra is "Treat People With Kindness" and even wrote a whole song on it.

He is the very first man to appear solo on the American Vogue cover. Harry Styles is on the cover of Vogue, rocking a gown look, and making big steps for showing people that they can express themselves however they wish to. Yet, we as a society will always be met with traction when things deter from our societal enforced gender constructs...

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "manly" as having qualities traditionally associated with a man: Strong, courageous, and brave. This is a pretty contradicting statement to make seeing as to be the first man to appear solo on the cover of American Vogue requires courage and bravery to do so.

Being upset that Harry Styles is expressing himself through fashion is not only impractical but enables toxic masculinity in our society, which is still prevalent today.

Why must we keep confining our self-expression to traditional gender roles?

What is the point of policing someone who isn't adhering to the traditional gender role?

If you possess a strong sentiment about adhering to the traditional societal gender roles born into, why can't you adhere to them without the need to condemn people who are expressing themselves in ways that they please?

I think whether we knowingly or unknowingly spew hate from our mouths because it something we believe in or uphold for ourselves, we should take a step back, reflect internally but above all, accept and respect people for who they are and how they wish to express themselves.

I think if we did this, the world would be a much kinder place, remember to treat people with kindness.

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