10 Halloween Costumes For A Pandemic Costume Party
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These 10 Classic Halloween Costumes Are PERFECT For Your Pandemic Costume Party

Because wearing a mask and winning the costume party are NOT mutually exclusive.

These 10 Classic Halloween Costumes Are PERFECT For Your Pandemic Costume Party

It's finally fall, and you know what that means: it's Halloween Season. Time to dress up and eat more candy than you meant to. But in 2020 things are different, as COVID-19 does not take holidays off.

Lucky for you, here are ten costumes that are both cute and careful.

Or simply add a mask to any costume you're feeling, and own it because being COVID-safe is always more important than a costume. Now, remember — drink through a straw under your mask, try to social distance, and look super cute this Halloween!

1. Space Cowgirl


This is a classic, super cute costume that only requires a dollar store cowboy hat and your most intergalactic clothing (anything neon or silver is always perfect). The COVID-friendly secret? The classic cowgirl bandana!

IMPORTANT: Bandanas themselves don't protect from the virus, so make sure you use a bandana-patterned mask, or where one under

2. Superhero


Of course, you can't forget the easiest mask-wearing costume: a superhero. With a mask already being a staple of the costume, simply pick a hero who wears a mask, like Spider-Man, or add simply one to hero without one.

It's cute, classic, and COVID-friendly. What's not to love!

3. Mummies

Distributor Kaoskaki

Cute, cheap, and easily conceals a mask - what's not to love? For this classic, go to the dollar store for toilet paper and paper towels, and simply wrap yourself up until you look how you want.

For masks, simply wrap the costume up around your mouth to conceal your mask, or invest in a white mask to match the look.

4. Nurse


Whether going sexy or scrubs, a nurse's costume is simple to just add a mask to while staying in character. This is a perfect way to be cute and COVID safe.

5. Purge

The Light Up Mask

For this hit look, grab some cute black clothes and layer it with an oversized white button-up painted with fake blood. Add plastic weapons and order a purge mask here.

To top off the look. Since the mask is light and plastic, it will lift slightly off your face, so simply layer a COVID-mask underneath without worrying about overheating or contamination.

6. Football Player


You can go all out with a football uniform, wear a jersey as an oversized top, or crop one and wear it with shorts for a shorter look.

Simply add socks, tennis shoes and a helmet to conceal your mask. Bonus points if you have a whistle.

7. Twister

Hair Out of Place

This costume is clever, customizable to your comfort level, and easy for any year. Simply wear all-white and stick cut-out red, blue, yellow and green circles to you.

Don't forget to stick one on your mask, or write "Twister" in red across it if you won't use it again!

8. Storm Cloud


This one is cheap, easy, and barely needs any tweaking to be COVID-ready. Simply cover some old cheap clothes in cotton, and do the same to a cheap or DIY mask.

If you're feeling extra crafty, get some cheap, battery-powered string lights and thread them through the "cloud" for a lightning look.

9. Spy


Simply dress in all-black for this sleek look. Combat boots, thick belts, and any sort of spy gear looking items you can think of will elevate this, and adding a black mask simply makes sense.

What spy would want their face revealed?

10. Plague Doctor


Of course, if you really want to embrace the 2020 spirit, the only choice is plague doctor.

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