Easy New Years Resolutions For 2019
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A Low-Key Guide To New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions can be stressful, but these suggestions are easy and attainable for your year ahead!

A Low-Key Guide To New Year's Resolutions

It is almost that time people. Time for us to promise ourselves to keep up with new uplifting regimes and drop off those nasty habits from last year. New Year's resolutions are a great way to make a change in your life since you are really motivated to start with the rest of the population. This tradition gives us a sense of inclusivity and motivation to stick to our goals and really try to improve our daily lives. That being said, resolutions can sometimes be daunting. Many times, we try to achieve unfeasible goals, and when those benchmarks aren't met, we might fall off the wagon.

In order to combat this drop-off effect, I have outlined a few of my favorite New Year's resolutions that I think are super achievable and easy to implement into your everyday life.

1. Easy Workout Goals


There is nothing worse than buying a brand new gym membership and not knowing what to do with it. Personal trainers can be pricey and honestly kind of intimidating (talking to you, Mom). Therefore, I have found major success in using the Sworkit app to boost my exercise routine!

This app allows you to cater your workout to your needs. Whether you need a quick cardio session or a calming yoga flow, this app is great at guiding you through exercises regardless of your ability level or even location! So many of these workouts only require your body and some space on the floor or on a mat, and I think this is such a great way to get motivated after the holidays.

Consider setting a reminder on your phone to work out certain days of the week to hold yourself accountable, and maybe switch up the types of workouts to keep yourself interested!

2. Nutrition is Key


When I decided it was time to drop some weight, this app was my saving grace. It is incredible how little we know about the food we put into our bodies. Myfitnesspal is an amazing app that allows you to set nutritional goals for yourself. I mainly used this app to track my calories during my weight loss journey, but you can use it to track micronutrients, exercise, and weight all in one.

Also, this app literally has every food known to man logged in its system. You can simply type in the food you are eating and adjust the serving size in order to record your calories. You can log breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and you rack up points the more often you log! Even if you are at a super obscure restaurant or something like that, you can log your own food or frequent homemade meals and provide your own calorie counts!

Overall this app is amazing and I would so recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about their nutritional habits!

3. Affirmations

Bridget MacPherson

This one may seem a bit cheesy for some, but I feel as though this is such an achievable resolution.

Taking time during the day to remind yourself of the positive things in your life is so important and can really make a difference in your day. Whether it be right when you wake up or right before you go to sleep, taking a moment to write down some affirmations is a great way to start off the new year on a positive note!

4. Me Time!!


This goes without being said, but personal time is and should be a necessity. In the hectic world we live in, taking moments throughout the day, week, month, etc to praise and pamper ourselves is so important.

For me, when I know that I am getting overwhelmed or frustrated, going on a walk or drive where I can just zone out and listen to some music is really therapeutic. I also try to permit myself time during even the busiest of weeks to sit back and watch my favorite show or take an hour to walk around Target.

Implementing things like this into your routine can really help to ease the stress surrounding everyday life, and can potentially lessen the blow of an emotional moment in your week.

5. Check List for the Week

Bridget MacPherson

Okay, everyone, I am not going to lie. I used to be an avid paper-pen, planner-using student, but nowadays, I rely on my notes app more than anything.

The convenience of having an updated to-do list on my phone and my computer at all times is a dream as a college student, or anyone who uses their phone/computer frequently throughout the workday.

I like to organize my to-do lists over the course of the week and give myself daily deadlines of specific things that need to get done. I usually write my to-do list over the weekend for the coming week, but it is totally up to you.

I also am in love with the checklist feature on the notes app, because it just feels so satisfying to check something off my list.

Whether you have an iPhone or not, having something like this that is easily accessible has made life so much easier for me and I hope this might inspire you to start your own to-do list routine!

Well, there we have it everybody, five fairly simple resolutions for your new year. I hope you all take something away from this article, and I wish you nothing but the best in 2019!!

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