Every year, when summer is close enough, people get antsy for the warm weather and freedom. I mean no school for 3 months and minimal priorities sounds like a dream after a stressful semester and week of finals.

In the weeks anticipating summer break, your group-chats, timelines, and thoughts will all consist of what you want to do during your time off. I'm sure you've seen a "summer bucket list' or even made one at some point in your life. This gives you a goal of all you hope to achieve during the summer and ideas for what to do with your friends when no one can think of anything.

However, unless you're apart of the rarity that actually completes your list, it's almost pointless to spend your time basing your summer adventures off of something you'll never finish. In fact, this list arguably plans out a predictable summer and what's the fun in that? We've all dreamt of a movie-like summer full of adventures, randomness, and ultimately fun; so what does a bucket list have to do with that? Arguably, summer is a time for spontaneity.

The best memories come from things you do on the spur of the moment, not the ones you plan for weeks. This is the time in our lives where we are dictated by a strict schedule; whether it's school, work or extracurricular based, it always seems like there's something on the calendar, and this will only continue as we get older. So now is the time to live our summers to the fullest and not live by a list.

Go to a random event you find a poster for, hang out with people you would normally never think to text, and jump in that pool or lake- even if you never even thought about swimming for the day. Go on a random road trip with no particular destination in mind and don't sleep until you see the sunrise.

The best moments are lived carefree and without premeditation and to live a summer full of these moments makes for the one you'll never forget. The summer bucket list brings along the stress that you must complete it in order to have fun and feel content with your summer break.

Reject all your preconceived notions of what you want to accomplish and live freely for the next 3 months. You only have so much time to live freely and stress-free, you might as well take advantage of it.

Enjoy your summer, and don't live by the list. Live in the moment and be random with no regrets.