Things I Loved About Growing Up In New Jersey I Didn't Realize Until I Moved Away
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8 Advantages Of Growing Up In New Jersey I Didn't Appreciate Until I Moved Away

Jersey people are a different breed.

8 Advantages Of Growing Up In New Jersey I Didn't Appreciate Until I Moved Away

Being born and raised in the Garden State had a lot of perks, and has given me very high expectations everywhere else. It has given me many life lessons that I wouldn't have had if I didn't live there.

Only since I moved away from New Jersey, have I noticed how special New Jersey really is.

1. You never order a bagel out of state lines.

If you make this mistake, you know how disappointed you will be when your teeth sink into the cardboard that is a "bagel."

2. You learn to be loud, and aggressive on the road.

Through watching our parents and the rest of the people on the roads, highways, and the parkway, we have learned how to be aggressive drivers and inherit a case of road rage. Honestly, the official New Jersey state motto should be, "If you can drive well here, you can drive anywhere"... and that's the truth.

3. "Fill it regular please!"

The men and women gas attendants are a blessing we learned how to NOT pump gas which includes sitting in your car and popping open your gas tank. The gas is cheap, and I don't have to get out of the car. Seriously, what more could anyone want?!?

4. Snow days are God's greatest gifts.

On nights where snow was supposed to come, we learned to wear our pajamas inside out in hope of a snow day, and when the call comes you can't help but do a little dance.

5. We learn what good pizza tastes like.

More times than not, they are serving pizza for lunch or dinner at big events, even if its every day of the week.

6. NYC isn't everyone's backyard.

Our prime location taught us how convenient having NYC near us really is.

7. You have a favorite convenience store/gas station.

We learned the extreme distinctions between QuickChek, 7-Eleven, and Wawa.

8. Being proud of where you from.

New Jersey is literally the greatest place on Earth, and every single New Jerseyan isn't afraid to make sure you know it. We can shout at each other about the Jets, Giants, and Eagles and do the whole North/South/Central Jersey debate. Not to lie, we do know how to fist pump pretty good.

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