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Anyone Who Grew Up In Downriver Knows These 10 Things

You can take the person out of Downriver, but you can't take Downriver out of the person.

Ken Lund on

Most people probably have never heard of Downriver. If you guessed that it's by a river... you're correct.

The Detroit River is home to a community of 18 cities such as Allen Park, Brownstown Township, Ecorse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile Township, Huron Charter Township, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven, Wyandotte.

Here's what Downriver is about...

1. The Coney Island Resturants

Zorbas in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Bill Rice on

They are both a late night hangout and the perfect breakfast place. Coney Island restaurants such as Six Stars, Zorbas, Rams Horn, etc have all the food you could ever crave. From soups and salads to fish to everything breakfast to hot dogs and burgers... they have it all.

2. So many summer activities

Downriver cruise, Uncle Sam Jam, Heritage days.. oh my. We enjoy things such as carnival food, rides, concerts, fireworks and we hope to find our summer love like Allie and Noah from The Notebook.

3. Parks and more parks

Elizabeth Park in Trenton, Michigan.

Amarnath on

Elizabeth Park, Bishop Park, Heritage Park, Willow Metro Parks are all places where you can ride your bike, take senior pictures, enjoy nature. These parks are so pretty and well kept with some water scenes, grass, playscapes for the children... just watch out for the goose poop.

4. Potholes and construction sites suck

There's construction all the time. It seems like everywhere you go there are orange cones. Not to mention the roads that aren't being worked on are the ones who need it the most. Dodging potholes down here is like dodging bananas in Mario Kart. The only good part is seeing those "Road work ahead" signs.

5. Downtown

Downtown Wyandotte.

VasenkaPhotography on

Downtown is the prettiest part of the city that includes homes, stores, restaurants. street fairs, river, etc. For example, Wyandotte hosts their Art Street Fair and Third Fridays here which brings the town together to have fun and blow off some steam. I wish every city had one.

6. The rivalry

We get real competitive with our sports down here. Football, figure skating, soccer, track and field, wrestling, cheerleading, tennis, swimming and so many more sports some Downriver kids are involved in. For example, Carlson's competitive cheer team are ten-time Division Two State Champions, which is very impressive.

7. Southland Mall

I miss the food court and the fountains but the mall has changed for the better. This place is a good way to pass time or spend your whole paycheck at places like BoxLunch, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Ulta, Macy's, Yankee Candle, etc.

8. Halfies

Mike Mozart on

That text you get at nine p.m. asking you to go to Applebee's is the best. Applebee's offers half off appetizers during their happy hours. Spinach and artichoke dip... here I come!

9. Apple Charlies

The prettiest place to go in the autumn for hay rides, a great view, pumpkins and of course.... doughnuts and cider.

10. Winter sucks

There's not really much to do in the winter time down here except make a trip down to Campus Martius, go to Christmas tree lightings, look at people's decorations but the snow makes it ten times harder to drive if you are going to do something. You become a very talented driver while driving down here but, walking to school will probably get you there faster.

Although every kid who has ever lived Downriver talks about how much they want to leave, we will always have a bit of it with us. There's so many fun things to do down here when we all just get off our phones and enjoy it. No matter how far away you actually get from Downriver, there will always be something you miss about it.

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