20 Groovy Songs To Play On The Ultimate College Hipster Car Ride

20 Groovy Songs To Play On The Ultimate College Hipster Car Ride

You know you love these songs because they make you feel some kind of way...probably emo.

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After countless drives to and from school and home, I've realized you can only handle so much Taylor Swift, Mamma Mia!, Drake and the like in one 4 hour car ride. The radio becomes your enemy, and you're so sick of every playlist on your phone that you just want to sit in silence.

For those dreaded car rides, add these groovy road trip songs to your playlist. You're bound to dance a little, cry a little and maybe, just maybe, make a fool of yourself on the interstate.

1. "Down By The River" - Milky Chance

Down by the river, I was drawn by your grace - Into tempest of oblivion and to the lovers-place

2. "Tidal Wave" - Portugal. The Man

Hit me like a tidal wave (ooh)
Triggered by the aftershock

3. "Olalla" - Blanco White

Olalla more than a name
Rest your eyes and stay in the shade

4. "The Stranger" - Lord Huron

I can't trust anyone or anything these days
If you are who you say you are, then show your face

5. "Tightrope" - Young the Giant

When I was just a boy
My momma told me, "Son You look so serious"

6. "Call It What You Want" - Foster the People

Yeah we're locked up in ideas
We like to label everything
Well I'm just gonna do here what I gotta do here
'Cause I gotta keep myself free

7. "Morphine" - The Ninjas

We'll you thought about leaving and I bet you will
That morphine kills the pain I feel.

8. "Chinese Fountain" - The Growlers

He drops his quarters in a chinese fountain
A whole bunch of wishes unanswered, but who's counting
One, two, three, nice chicks left me broken-hearted
I was a pretty boy, your love left me scarred

9. "No Good" - Kaleo

Can't fight the temptation
When you get the vibration
Won't do you no good
It won't do you no good

10. "Taro" - alt-J

Indo-china, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road
To photo, to record, meat lumps and war

11. "Jane" - Roy Blair

Awake in a dream
Spent my summer awake in a dream

12. "Alive" - Graeme James

Left the city for a lost romance
Left the city with blood on my hands
Falling like the leaves from the sycamore

13. "Transpose" - Bad Suns

Sleepless nights aren't new to me
All these thoughts are killing me
Someone come and put me to ease

14. "Hummingbird" - Wildling

Do you feel anything, hummingbird?
Back and forth, cheap endings
Let's be friends, hummingbird

15. "Disconnected" - Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

Dead trees rising up like boneyards
Where elephants rest at the end of their days
A crescent moon over a desert whisper

16. "Love Test" - The Growlers

Since I don't know how you find love in LA
They don't make 'em like they do in the country
The city moves too fast to appreciate all the time it takes for sweet loving

17. "The Sound" - The 1975

I can't believe I forgot your name
Oh baby won't you come again?
She said "I've got a problem with your shoes and your tunes
But I might move in" and
"I thought that you were straight, now I'm wondering"

18. "Drag" - Day Wave

You say I'm always getting mad
I'm always such a drag
But I'm not like that

19. "Wish I Knew You" - The Revivalists

You shine like a star
You know who you are
You're everything beautiful
She's hot, hot like the sun

20. "Safe" - Bay Ledges

We could fly to the moon
Get there by tomorrow afternoon
I don't wanna speak too soon
But I think I love you

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