Can you believe we are already headed towards DECEMBER? Where did the time go? Meanwhile, while we are chilling during this Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to write about types of shoppers I've been seeing at the grocery store, and just how interesting people are to me.

1. The Aisle Browser


The times I walk into a grocery store, I always have a list prepared and I make sure to follow that list so I can get in there, get what I need, and get out of there as fast as I can. My Dad has always done that growing up and it rubbed off on me. So with that being said, there are what I like to call "aisle browsers" who have nothing else to do but mess around and slowly look at every single thing in that aisle. There is nothing wrong with that, it can just be a little annoying to those who are trying to get around these people.

2. The Ones With The Overflowing Basket


I always get so amused and find myself staring at this bunch in the grocery store because these shopper's carts are STACKED. I've never seen so much food in my life all stuffed in one place together. Then I start thinking about how big of a family these people have to feed on this holiday and wow, I applaud you people. It must be a stressful holiday for you cookers who have a lot of family members to feed but I'm sure it is also a blessing to be around all the ones you love in one place!

3. The Husband Who Is Sent To Get Last Minute Cooking Items


Thanksgiving is my favorite kind of shopper I see at the store because seeing the combinations of random foods or items that a grown man has to shop for is funny to me. For example, one time I saw a very masculine man (if you will) purchasing cookie cutters, toothpaste, and peaches. I immediately did the math in my head, his wife probably needed more cookie cutters for her dessert, and more peaches for her peach cobbler. The toothpaste was probably something he needed himself so he thought he might as well just grab it while he was there. Love that.

4. College Kids Grabbing Last Minute Friendsgiving Foods 


Since I live in a college town, I love seeing the friends who literally have no idea what to bring to their friendsgiving dinner. The other day actually, I saw these two girls who were so indecisive about whether they should buy a cookie tray or a cheesecake. They both had no idea and I've never seen two scatterbrained individuals in my life. I just stood there watching them in curiosity about what they were ever going to do. Finally they both got annoyed and decided to not buy either of the deserts. They walked away from the bakery section and God only knows what they were going to decide on next, LOL!

5. Shoppers With A Vision


The last type of shopper I would like to write about would be myself. I fit this category perfectly because I am in the grocery store to get what I need, and leave. Simple. As. That. I'm not in there to mess around or browse because if I do that, I will end up buying the whole store and then my bank account would be crying, which is never good. I have a vision (my grocery list), get exactly what I NEED, rather than what I want (thank you responsibility), and roll on out. It is also satisfying having a list that you can eventually check off the items you grabbed, that itself is a great feeling.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my article this week and I challenge you to try to place yourself in one of these categories of shoppers! Comment below what you identify with the most, I am curious. Have a happy Thanksgiving and be thankful for the ones you love, the food you eat, and most importantly your health. Stay warm!