Why 'Anti-Greta' Naomi Seibt Can't Stop Greta Thunberg
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You Can't Stop Greta Thunberg With An 'Anti-Greta' And You Can't Stop Climate Change By Denying Science

Climate change has been happening for a long time — it's about time we come together to help save our home.

You Can't Stop Greta Thunberg With An 'Anti-Greta' And You Can't Stop Climate Change By Denying Science

This is Naomi Seibt, the anti-Greta. Her job is to make you believe that climate change is fake and Greta Thunberg is just a kid who knows nothing about anything. Naomi denounces climate alarmism and claims to be a "climate realist."

At last year's World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Thunberg told the audience and world leaders that she wants them to panic because there will be consequences. Imagine — a 15-year-old girl going toe-to-toe with world leaders and immediately being shut down and told to play with dolls and focus on her school work.

Seibt spoke in a video posted on Heartland's website that she doesn't want people to panic, she wants them to think. But can you think about the inevitable without fear and panic? People are quick to support someone who agrees with our simpleminded politicians and refuse to believe in science and facts rather than try to be apart of the solution.

Seibt also said that climate change science really is not science at all. I'm no science major, but research dealing with the Earth and its climate is, in fact, science. The goal of climate science is not to shame humanity, but to help bring awareness to those, like Seibt, who refuse to believe and accept that climate change is in fact real and happening.

The greenhouse effect is warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space. Carbon dioxide is an important heat-trapping gas, which is released through human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels. But according to people like Naomi, climate scientists want to guilt-trip society into not taking into account the major benefits society has achieved by using fossil fuels as our main energy source.

We, as a society, have become too dependent on things that harm the Earth and that's a big problem — one for which an anti-Greta gimmick can't provide any solutions.

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