You get more than just sisters in a sorority
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You say I 'pay for my friends,' But you do too

We all want different things, don't judge others because they don't want what you want.

You say I 'pay for my friends,' But you do too

When I went off to college, I decided to go through sorority recruitment and give it a try.

I was interested in Greek Life, and I thought it would lead to several good opportunities. Going through recruitment itself brought new friends, new connections, and in the end, new sisters. It was a week or two after when I was having a conversation with a high school friend who had also gone Greek at the same college. The mention of some friends who went to a different school came up, one in particular who wasn't into Greek life. He/she claimed that by joining a sorority/fraternity you were "paying for your friends."

Now while I completely understand Greek life isn't for everyone, and I respect that decision, I also think that term isn't exclusive to it.

Let's say you don't go Greek, totally cool I have really good friends who aren't and they the best. Let's face it we all want different things and have different goals, that's what makes life so beautiful! Instead, you decide to join the club soccer team because you've played all your life and you're just in love with it.

Well, most club teams you have to pay for dues, equipment like extra clothes and new cleats, and possibly other stuff because every team is different. You put forth some financial effort into being on this team though, the team that you'll probably make lifelong pals on right? To be honest, it seems like "paying for your friends" as one would say.

This goes for almost any organization though! You want to join this prestigious business club to boost your resume and because you love accounting? Well, you probably have to pay some kind of dues. Want to be in a performing arts group because you like to move, act, or sing? Probably some sort of financial obligation to that as well. In all these different organizations you gain so much, and friends are probably one of those things.

I think instead of using the term "you pay for your friends" we should say "you're going after what you want" or "everyone wants different things, and that's okay." Because really that's what we're doing. We are joining these clubs and organizations because we want something out of them, and whatever it is we are wanting makes the financial obligation not matter as much. Usually, the big gain makes the financials seems so small.

To be quite honest though, I gained so much more than friends when I joined a sorority. I gained strong, beautiful, empowering sisters who love and support me for who I am. I gained a philanthropy I am passionate about, a new home to move in with 60 or more girls, career connections, countless movie dates, gameday buddies, future bridesmaids, and so much more! Those are all things that I wanted.

So the next time you head to practice for your club soccer team, which the majority of your friends happen to be on as well, just remember you "paid for them." Remember that everyone's wants in life are different, and just because they are not like yours, doesn't mean they're wrong. However, friendships, experiences, and memories are priceless to me.

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