21 Goals To Accomplish After Graduation
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I turn 21 on April 3rd. Last year, I wrote an article about the 20 things I learned at 20. I figured I'd switch it up a bit this time. Not only am I turning 21 this coming April, but I'm also graduating, too.

And, as graduation nears, I've found myself talking a lot about what I want to do when I graduate. Aside from mapping out a gameplan to paying off my numerous student loans, I mainly want to spend a year to travel.

Here are 21 things I want to accomplish after I graduate:

1. Travel more 

First up on the list is to obviously travel more. That is my main and number one goal. For years, I've been trapped in the same routine. Summer, school, Thanksgiving break, school, winter break, school, spring break, school, and then summer again.

But come this May, my summer will no longer have an end. I'll no longer have school holding me back from traveling in the middle of finals week, or planning my trips around school and during breaks. I'll be able to travel wherever and whenever I want.

2. Pay off my student debt 

This might be a longer term goal, but a goal nonetheless. Hopefully I win the lottery or something.

3. Work out 

I was going to say "work out more" but I don't even work out as it is. This has been a goal of mine for years. It's a goal I intend on accomplishing.

4. Go on a diet 

Working out is one thing, but maintaining a healthy diet that works for me is another. It's just as crucial, too.

5. Grow my hair out again 

I'm very… mixed about this. I want long hair again, but I also love my short hair. Should I just get extensions?

6. Try out eyelash extensions 

Speaking of extensions, I've always wanted to give eyelash extensions a try!

7. Grow my natural nails out 

I've had acrylics for over a year now. Recently, I made the decision to get rid of them and go natural again. They're a work in progress but I believe in myself!

8. Figure out a skincare routine that works for me 

I have incredibly dry skin that I didn't pay that much attention to before. I recently started getting into skincare. I'm hoping to find products that work for me through trial and error.

9. Cure my bacne 

I don't ever talk about this, but I've suffered from bacne for years. Time to get rid of that.

10. Expand my personal brand 

I've neglected my social medias for awhile. No more!

11. Make new friends 

I've had many best friends, but no one's ever really stuck. Either we have a falling out or we just stop talking altogether. In general, I just want to meet new people who share the same interests as me.

12. Go to more concerts and music festivals 

Ya girl WILL go to Coachella one of these years.

13. Meet my favorite celebrities 

This isn't that far fetched. It's possible!

14. Own a pet (or pets) 

I want a puppy… or two. And a few cats, too.

15. Buy a house 

Long, long term. Still a huge goal of my boyfriend and I's.

16. Dye my hair again 

I went through a phase my freshman year of high school. I've wanted to try it out again, but we'll see. Life's too short to have one colored hair, right?

17. Read more 

I use to read so much in high school. But, as I've gotten busier through the years, I've found it harder to find time and energy to invest in reading. Any good recommendations? I LOVE spooky stuff.

18. Meditate 

Does anyone else fall asleep when they "meditate" or is that just me? I'll need to look up some tips.

19. Try out yoga again 

I attempted yoga in high school (at the college). It wasn't bad, but I wasn't doing it for the sole purpose of bettering myself. Instead, I did it for a grade.

20. Explore my passions 

Ain't that what your twenties are for? Maybe then I'll finally have an answer to what my hobbies are.

21. Land my dream job 

The endgame. The goal of all goals. That's why I went to college in the first place.

I realize I can start working on some of these goals now. I often use "time" as an excuse, but it's similar to having New Years' resolutions you never follow through on. Consider this as my "to-do list" for the next few years. Hopefully, you end up accomplishing some of these things, Future Joanne.

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