*Spoiler Alert*

Bran Stark aka Bran the Broken becomes king and everyone's favorite heroine, Daenerys Targaryen, dies because she became the mad queen. The new court exiled Jon Snow to the north of the wall, and Sansa becomes the queen of The North. Tyrion Lannister gets away with treason and is the real winner of the "Game of Thrones" by maintaining power as the hand of the king.

For the past eight years, we the fans have fallen in love with the fantasy world that George R.R. Martin created, giving us a leeway out the insane reality we have to face every day. Sunday's ending was not satisfying for most people and people are angry to the point where people created and signed petitions demanding a remake of the whole season. I agree that the season was rushed and had significant plot holes in characters, but am I raging mad? No, I'm not, and many of the fans can say I'm not angry because I am a "new fan," which is true because I didn't get into the show until January 2019.

Nevertheless, with the amount of outrage that the fans gave towards the show, that same amount of anger brought forth could have been used to fix the horrible reality that we are in today. No matter what political party you align with, we all have to admit that politics sucks, especially since some of the decisions made recently impact a lot of people. With that amount of outrage given towards a fantasy TV show, the same anger could have changed the world.

I understand some people who liked the show since day one and were disappointed with the ending, I know it will take some time to heal from this unfair fast-paced season, but do not get so angry because there are more things to be outraged about and things will get better soon.