Good News, 9 Actually Good Things That Happened In The World This Week

While the news swings drastically in a negative way, there are always feel-good stories that go missing from our weekly threads.

Here are nine good things that happened the week of February 9 that you may have missed this past week:

1. This legally blind cheerleader isn't letting that stop her from following her passion

2. New research has come out saying that artificial intelligence and a brain test can predict if an antidepressant will work or not

3. This police couple literally stopped an armed robbery on their date

4. A federal court ruled that a Florida rule prohibiting ex-felons from voting while in debt is unconstitutional

5. This single family has given out 5,000 free hospital rides


6. Jeff Bezos pledged $10 billion to climate science, and that's just to start

7. A cab driver saved a woman from a $25,000 'IRS' scam

8. A new boxing class is teaching students on the autism spectrum

9. This little boy saved his 2-year-old sister and dog from their house fire in the middle of the night

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