Golden State Warriors Are Taking Over
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A Golden State dynasty is emerging and people should be grateful

We are witnessing a dynasty and people should stop complaining.


In the NBA, team dynasties are considered to be almost the complete favorites whenever that team reaches the Finals. However every time that team wins the championship the years later become a lot tougher. Other teams are designing ways to stop them, and another factor is losing the mentality of winning consistently. Golden State has faced these types of adversary and with this year's recent championship they are emerging as a dynasty. So people should be grateful to see it regardless of whether you like them or not.

Despite sweeping the Cavs in the Finals, the Warriors had a much tougher time in this regular season and in the Western Conference Finals. One of the main reasons why this team couldn't finish number one in the West standings was due to the injuries of their star players. The Warriors' many injuries and their disenchantment with their 82-game regular-season obligations were real. Kerr's health problems were also a big factor of the Warrior's regular season struggles. The Warriors also might never admit it publicly, but they were concerned at various points of the season and experts questioned if the team could even get to the finals. Yet they endured like true champions should and even if the people didn't believe in them during the regular season, look what they did in the playoffs.

The Warriors had an easy path up until the Western Finals where they faced off against the number one spot team; the Houston Rockets. Down 3-2 the team had to dig deep within themselves to avoid elimination. Keep in mind that even though Rocket's player Chris Paul was out in Game 6 and 7 the Rocket's team still had the Warriors on the ropes, but they never gave up and continued to fight on. Eventually they overcame arguably the team's biggest adversary in this championship run and went to beat the Cavs in a rather predictable outcome by many fans and experts. No one should be complaining about this at all. Before Durant came to the Warriors, Stars were drafted by the Warriors themselves. The great Kobe Bryant stated that "But if you build the team organically, that dynasty team tends to stay longer." This just proves that the Warriors team has done things the right way and adding Kevin Durant into the mix is just icing on the cake. It's unfair but that's what happens when team management plays the patient card correctly.

The Golden State Warriors have come a long way from decades of mediocrity, misery, and being the utter laughingstock of the NBA. A third title in four years that cements their status as a dynasty and if people think that this dynasty will go away then think again. Kevin Durant plans to re-sign with the Warriors and keep this going. Curry is signed through the next four seasons, Draymond Green for the next two seasons and Klay Thompson for next season. If they find more solid role players that can fit their style of play, who knows how many championships they can win.

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