How College Girls Are Going Green
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Green Goddesses Growing: How College Girls Are Going Green

Mother Earth is smiling down at you all.

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Being environmentally conscious is spreading like wildfire and what's the best way to keep the green going? Taking a look at the green goddesses that are showing how they love our Mother Earth and respect nature around them. Being more mindful of how you spread awareness for nature starts by planting a tiny seed, which begins with you. Watching and hearing how other girls show their love for their Mother Earth is influential to other girls to implement small steps in their life. As an education major, I am constantly contemplating how I can be more mindful of my waste in the classroom and outside. Small changes in my life such as, reusing material, bringing lunch with washable baggies, and using technology instead of paper are simple ways to minimalize waste.

However, I also believe that adjustments in daily life, such as limiting meat consumption, recycling, using reusable items when possible are other ways to keep our world looking and feeling it's best. Some of the finest ways to get inspiration is from other girlies that we share the world with. Here are some of the greatest Green Goddesses I know and how they show respect for our Mother Earth.

Green Goddess Number 1: Mallory


Mallory has been respecting and caring about our planet for the most prominent reason being, it is our home. "I care about the earth because it is the only home we have. We need to learn how to protect it, love it and nourish it." This Florida native has grown up going to populated beaches, filled with the Earth's beauty, but also our humanity's waste. Although the earth is essentially our "mother and home" Mallory states that we need to "treat is like our child."

"If we disrespect it, then we are failures to ourselves and the other people of our planet. We can only hope for more clean water and healthy natural foods in our future," she says. "The only way to fix this is to continue to love and respect it."

Seeing others not respect our earth has given Mallory the fuel to make a change. "My favorite way to show how I love the earth is to live by example. I don't litter and pick up trash when I see it. Especially around the ocean because it is my favorite place."

Green Goddess Two: Sara


Catch this girl painting, drawing, or sculpting how beautiful our earth is, Sara demonstrates her love for our planet in her most authentic form of self, her art. Sara spends so much time outdoors, it is difficult for her not to feel passionate about protecting nature. Although she admits she "isn't perfect" she realizes that small changes can make the difference we need.

"One thing I always get on people is about bringing reusable water bottles to work. I work at Starbucks so being asked frequently for water cups is something I feel like is a waste. I always suggest to guests or my coworkers to buy a reusable water bottle or cup," she says. "I let them know how bad it can be for the environment. Since I am so intentional about asking people at work about their water bottles, one of my coworkers came up to me and showed off her new reusable bottle! It really meant a lot to me and showed small changes go a long way."

Green Goddess Three: Carly


Carly is a vegan, animal rights activist, and environmentalist. Being mindful of waste and how to help the earth isn't just a small change in her daily life — it is actually occupied most of her mindset. Her Instagram, carly_bergman, showcases her sustainable lifestyle. What started with her campaign, Futuristic February, which promoted awareness for waste consumption, ignited her fire to start an ebook with her boyfriend (their Insta handle is sustainable_duo — check them out!).

Carly promotes a plant-based diet; however, she also makes living waste free easier for those who are getting started going green too. Carly writes that, "Plastic is our future if we don't change our current habits." In her book she gives insight on thrift shopping (cue Macklemore's song), eating local, reusing utensils, turning waste into treasure, and buying in bulk. What I love most about Carly is she is so willing and open to sharing her ideas with the world. No matter how grand or small your intentions of mindfulness are, Carly really makes making a difference possible for everyone.

Green Goddess Number 4: Brooke


Another Florida girl, that who's love for the great outdoors is just a big as the ocean. Brooke says some of her favorite, simple ways to show love for the earth is by using reusable bags, metal straws, or buying locally. "I try to buy food from local markets because not only does it support the community, but also contributes to sustainability greatly because products are not being shipped across the country. Excess packaging and carbon emissions really impact our planet." As much as I indulge in Amazon prime, Brooke makes a point about being conscious of our consumption of online shopping.

Green Goddess 5: Valentine


Val has a Pinterest worth board all about sustainability ideas and mindful quotes. Not only does she spread insight ongoing Green through social media, but also in her daily life, such as snack time. "Reducing our water footprint also reduces pollution and conserves fuel resources. On average, it can take 1,800 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef. "What's the best way to limit water footprint? "Meat consumption minimization can really cut down our impact," Val says. She also loves showing off our lovely planet through the beautiful places she has volunteered at through GIVE.

Green Goddess 6: Vanessa


Most likely to be seen practicing yoga in the great outdoors, goes to V. She loves spending time outside all over the world. She also has been a vegetarian for a decade. While limiting meat consumption and spending as much time outdoors is essential to Vanessa, she also states her reason for loving the environment, "it brings me happiness and keeps me grounded. It provides peace. I love what the earth provides us with every single day." Noticing the little things can really make us appreciate all the love the earth has given us, and that we should give it back.

Empowered women empower women. So let's all reflect on the beauty the planet has nourished us with and do the same, sprouting Green Goddess Everywhere.

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