5 Ways Students Can Go Green While They Are In School
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5 Ways Students Can Go Green While They Are In School

Going green isn't as hard as many people think.

5 Ways Students Can Go Green While They Are In School

With Earth Day right around the corner, many college students are probably thinking of ways they can reduce their carbon foot print. I personally have started to take many steps to go greener, and I found that it's a lot easier than you may think. Here are a few ways any college student can go green while they are in school.

Buy a reusable water bottle.


Reusable water bottles are more accessible and more cost-efficient than plastic water bottles. Once you buy a reusable water bottle, you don't have a need to keep purchasing plastic water bottles.

Purchase reusable shopping bags.


Reusable shopping bags are more durable than plastic bags, and they hold more. What takes two or three trips with regular plastic bags will only take one with a reusable bag.

Purchase Reusable Straws.


It took a little getting used to when I first started using reusable straws, but I now keep my straw pouch in my book bag, and I carry it with me all over campus. I also feel a little bit better knowing that I'm saving a turtle.

Take the bus or carpool with a friend.


Taking the bus is something that I do whenever I am heading to campus. However, when I'm heading home, I will hitch a ride with my friend on the way back to my apartment, or I will take the bus.

Decrease your meat consumption.


Now, I'm not saying that you should give up meat completely, but try going meatless once a week. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!

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