Thank You, Girl Scouts, For Humbling Us

I can honestly say, New Years is one of the most optimistic times of the year. Despite the cold bitter weather, everyone is warm with endorphins, rushing in cars to get to their local gym, hoping to find a parking spot, because they know they aren't the only one who promised to themselves that this was the year to get in shape. Local Grocery stores are gasping for breath because it seems like every form of a green superfood is sweeping off the shelves and being bought by people in lines who are all buzzing with the "I just got a Nutribullet and I'm going to try out juicing" energy. I'm not making fun of these people, I am these people. Most people set resolutions at the beginning of January, whether it be physical or mental and every year, these goals are broken, forgotten about, or broken then forgotten about. Still, the health hype in January is so new and overwhelming that people might not notice that the Girl Scouts are starting their cookie selling season. This annual happening goes unnoticed for a little bit until the New Years magic wears off and those cookie boxes are clawing at your door begging you to eat them. This doesn't actually happen, but once February hits it seems as if the Girl Scouts are taking out your wallet, taking your 50 dollars, and hurling boxes of Samoas, Thin Mints, and Peanut Butter Patties into your lap as you walk out of the grocery store with your bags of Kale (because you still promised yourself to use that damn Nutribullet).

As much as I would like to demise the Girl Scouts for causing those of us who set resolutions, but never stick to our goal, to finally crack at the sight of cookie vices, it's actually humbling. It's hard to notice this as I'm eating three girl scout cookies, per box, per day, but the Girl Scouts are really out here spreading a message. Besides all the endless community services and life skills that The Girl Scout Organization promotes, the Girl Scout Cookie sales lend us the healthy reminder that we are all humans. We're not all born to be bodybuilders and if we were, we would have set that goal a while ago and not decided on January 1st that it's time to get to a gym. I'm writing this in February because my New Years optimism has run dry. I will get to the gym when I can, but I'm not going to fall into a pit of self-loathing because I enjoy eating a box of Girl Scout Cookies when they're in season. You shouldn't either! Let a box of your favorite Girl Scout Cookie remind you that you're a human and it's okay to let go and enjoy the best cookies money can buy.

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