When You Struggle To Get Rid Of Your Old Clothing
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For Those Who Struggle To Let Go Of Old Clothes, It IS Possible To Clean Out Your Closet

There are some things to think about when it does hit the time to do some cleansing.

For Those Who Struggle To Let Go Of Old Clothes, It IS Possible To Clean Out Your Closet
Hayley Needham

Style trends seem to change faster than the ticking of hands on a clock, yet as we try to keep up with each emerging fashion trend, our closets seem to grow denser and denser to the point where the doors can no longer close. In this case, any normal human being would try to condense their belongings and give away the clothing that they don't want or wear anymore. However, this is not the case for all. If you're like me, you can still scavenge out a shirt from the 5th grade out of your closet.

I'm not sure if it is the monetary value that we place on our clothing, that when we look at each item in our closets we remember how much we spent, or whether it is the sentimental attachment we form from previous experiences or memories we shared while wearing that particular article of clothing, but for whatever reason releasing something from your life is hard, even if it is a thin piece of fabric.

Let's face it, each piece of clothing represents so much more. I know when I look through my closest at the things hanging up, I can recall several memories good and bad I created. For instance, the black and pink bedazzled Jonas Brothers T-shirt I wore in the 5th grade when I passed out in the middle of the Chorus for some reason is still there. Looking at the shirt then, brought up thoughts of embarrassment and mortification, however today it only makes me giggle. And low-key with the recent news of the Jonas Brothers getting back together, it may come in handy.

I am not saying that giving away clothes is bad, my rule of thumb is to look at something and ask when the last time you wore it, and the next time you'll wear it, and if it takes you more than a minute to figure it out, then its not worth taking up space in your closet. And you have to just block that piece of clothing out of your mind, which I know can be hard, but I guarantee you, the first new piece of clothing you buy, you won't remember it at all.

The biggest struggle that I face with getting rid of clothes however, is themed parties as most college girls can relate. You never know when that random hot pink off the shoulder could be brought out for an '80s theme one night. In these cases, I just tell myself that, it's taking up space for something that I could use/appreciate more and a shirt that can be worn for one themed party, can easily be replaced with something I can wear more than once.

Don't think of cleaning out your closet as throwing things away. It can be extremely therapeutic and healthy. You should get rid of the bad juju from your closet just as you should from your life. What I mean by that is, that red V-neck you had your first kiss in that you haven't worn since, toss it, because you now know that that same boy who gave you that kiss, also cheated on you with your best friend. You should keep things that are special to you such as the sweater your nana hand knitted for you for your 16th birthday, that you may never wear anymore but still can look at and smile. Get the idea? If the clothing doesn't have a positive, sentimental value that means as much to you now as it did when you got it, then toss it, get it out of your closet and your life something else can fill that space.

After all, that is what life is all about, letting go of the old to make room for the new, but saving space for the old that means something to you.

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