US Education Flaws
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this one is for the education system That Lacks So Much

Cheers to your paycheck! A round of applause for your corruption! This one is for you and your fucking budget.

this one is for the education system That Lacks So Much
Angeles Cuevas

Lack of resources. Lack of hope.

"We don't have a budget for that" they say

As they build some useless shit.

I guess budgets exist when it comes to benefiting you.

Underpaid teachers who are trying their best

Their students just can't seem to fit

There isn't enough time in the day to help them all

Arts programs being shut down year after year

I remember she loved to doodle and draw

I wonder if she would've become anything

Could we have studied her masterpieces?

She found inspiration in the little things

Too bad "we don't have the budget for that"

She loved the way new languages sounded

Her heart skipped beats at the way new words formed on her lips

Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.

She pleaded the school to start more language programs but

"We don't have a budget for that"

They all became so bored with the mundane tasks of everyday life

Tried to challenge themselves in AP and Honors classes

No luck; they had to conform to everyday bullshit because

"We don't have a budget for that"

So when will we?

When the fuck will we have a budget for that?

I came here to learn and explore my talents.

Instead I sit here doing the same repetitive shit day after day.

My grades start to go down and so do my hopes.

"You have to have good grades to be in the clubs you are a part of"

They explain, as they take away the only reason I come to this place

Fuck the educational system.

We need a higher budget.

I deserve a dream school.

I deserve an education.

The staff deserves a raise.

Teachers are cultivating our young minds.

Janitors are keep us healthy and the halls clean.

Administration is trying to give us a better future.

Fund the arts!

Not every kid wants to go into STEM.

Some kids are brought to life with brushes not pencils.

They learn to dance before they learn to count.

Fund language programs!

Let her heart skip beats as she learns how to roll her R's.

Move his body at the sound of accents.

Discover the world around us by using our hands to talk.

Fund music programs!

Lead them to the discovery of inner passion.

Shut her eyes to the sound of the melody.

Watch his fingers move as he plays his chord.

Hear her angelic voice as she hits a high note.

Fund writing programs!

She is such a well spoken young lady.

Her articles bring you into her world.

Interviews make her eyes light up.

Pencils are dancing on her paper.

Defund your paycheck.

Do teachers still "get paid enough" now that you make the same?

Defund your programs.

How come you're not claiming them to be unproductive?

Defund your position.

How fast would your opinion change if you lost it all?

I already see you becoming an advocate for our struggle.

Doing everything to keep your seat at the table

You sit in your big fancy desks as we sit on floors for your lack of funding.

You ask for privacy but don't bat an eye when I tell you my bathroom stall doesn't close.

You drive home in your new fancy car as we try looking for a way to get here.

You go to your fancy dinners as I sit here eating cardboard food and spoiled milk.

Your times up!

We are protesting your programs.

We are demanding the end of your position.

You messed with the wrong group of people.

Your paycheck

Sorry to inform you but

"We don't have a budget for that"

Sincerely, A Latina from Southwest Detroit
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