On Monday I posted an Instagram poll asking if I should try the Fruitarian diet. 42 people said “no way Jose". And to be honest that's the most engagement I've ever had on an Instagram poll, but after some research, I've decided to try it anyway.

The fruitarian diet is a subcategory or veganism. It is based around eating only fruits (and nuts for protein). Depending on how strict you are, some people don't even eat fruit that was picked from the tree, they'll only eat it if it fell off the tree naturally.

However, I've decided to try my own form of fruitarianism for the month of May to see how it affects my body and all around health.

For the month of May, I will be only eating fruit, nuts, and veggies. No extra sugar added, especially since fruit already carries a lot of natural sugar. Since I am not vegan though, once or twice a week I will eat chicken, turkey, or any other kind of white meat. Always baked or grilled with olive oil (which is part of fruitarianism).

I will also be following a strict exercise regiment.

Going against the advice of 42 people is quite scary, but it's all in the name of science... sorta.

Check back in June to see how fruitarianism affected me.