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Everyone Deserves A Friend Like Edna Mode

"I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now."

Everyone Deserves A Friend Like Edna Mode

I, like many of my peers, grew up with "The Incredibles." I was eight when it came out, the prime age for a movie like this one to become a beloved favorite. Of course, I immediately loved the movie and still love it to this day. Sometimes I wonder if "The Incredibles" is the reason I ended up becoming so immersed in superhero culture.

But, even if it isn't the sole reason I'm obsessed with superheroes now, "The Incredibles" impacted me more than I realized then. In fact, it's still impacting me now. "The Incredibles" has always been a loved superhero family, one worth dressing up as, quoting, and laughing with. We have waited a very long time for the sequel and it is everything I could have asked for and more.

Jordan Parrish

However, there is one character who is beloved yet rarely talked about, at least in comparison to the rest of the film's characters. That's right, I'm talking about one Edna Mode.

Edna is by far my favorite character in the movie. She may not be on screen that much and may be a bit quirky, but her loyalty and dedication to her friends are unmatched (except by Frozone, but we can talk about him another time). Honestly, she's one of the best examples of true friendship I've seen in a while and I truly believe that everyone should find a friend like Edna.

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What makes Edna such a good friend? Well, for one, she's always available to see her friends, regardless of how long it's been since she saw them last. We know that it probably had been 15 years since she had last seen or heard from Mr. Incredible (Bob) and Elastigirl (Helen), yet when both of them get in contact with her, she is more than happy to help them out.

She also takes no crap, which is definitely something I relate to. She isn't afraid to tell Bob no when he wants a cape on his outfit, and when he tries to protest, she gives him a long list of reasons why he cannot have one. When Helen comes to Edna in search of her husband, Edna does not let her leave without the specially designed family suits, even though superheroes aren't supposed to exist anymore.


But by far my favorite Edna moment is when she gets tired of Helen crying about Bob's secrets. Edna has sat by Helen's side while Helen cries, but when Helen questions what she's going to do, Edna has finally had enough. "What are you going to do? You are Elastigirl!" Edna declares. "You will show him you remember he is Mr. Incredible and you will remind him who you are." Edna has no time for Helen doubting herself because Edna knows that Helen is a powerful superhero herself, one who deserves respect as well. Edna is quick to stand up to Helen's doubt and say "not today doubt, Helen is awesome!" Who wouldn't want a friend by your side, ready to fight all your doubts and prove that you're an amazing human?

So yes, I think everyone deserves their own Edna Mode. Go find yourself someone (or someones) who is quick to see you, regardless of how long it's been since you saw them last, takes no crap, and reminds you just how kick-butt of a person you are. Edna Mode is a gem of a friend and person and will always be my favorite character from "The Incredibles."

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