25 Must-Dos For Your Freshman Year Of College, If You Want To Do It Right

25 Must-Dos For Your Freshman Year Of College, If You Want To Do It Right

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Freshman year is a time full of excitement and also full of anxiety.

Every thing is new, and that can be really good or really bad. Balance is a word that's going to become very important, and the best thing you can do is to go into every situation with an open mind.

The next best thing you can do is try everything. Make a bucket list. Maybe one that looks like this:

1. Declare your major. Change it. At least once.

2. Take a class you would have never thought about taking.

3. Talk to people in your classes.

4. Join a club. Join a few clubs. Drop ones that aren't important to you.

5. Join a club you'd never think to try.

6. Find a gym buddy. You pay for the gym to be there so you might as well use it.

10. Use Amazon Prime's free trial for students.

11. Drink coffee instead of espresso drinks to save money.

12. Go to a sporting event on campus.

13. Master doing laundry.

14. Dress up in nice clothes for absolutely no reason.

15. Decide if you want to study abroad and figure out logistics of doing so.

16. Find your favorite non-chain restaurant, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, and bakery.

17. Find your favorite on campus study spot. Use it.

18. Seek out help when you need it!

19. Get to know an advisor.

20. Get to know one of your professors.

21. Find ways to get cash - a part-time job or quick jobs you can find.

22. Take pictures. Lots of them.

23. Get organized. Organize your schedule, your study habits, and your life plan.

24. Don't skip your classes.

25. Have as much fun as possible.

The first year is about growing and changing and exploring, and don't let anyone ever tell you different.

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