Here Are My Final Thoughts On You, Tomi Lahren
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Here Are My Final Thoughts On You, Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is obviously angry about a lot of things.

Here Are My Final Thoughts On You, Tomi Lahren
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You've all heard of the young woman, Tomi Lahren, who has recently blown up on social media and, wow, this woman is angry. Of course, there are things to be angry about in our country right now, but these are definitely not the right things to be angry about. Here are just some of the things that she has said that are so outrageous that they warrant no attention let alone so much anger.

1. "To all those never Trumpers out there... saying 'I told you so,' shut the hell up. Don't go around acting holier than thou about this like you've never heard anyone say anything like that before. Give me a break." (about the Trump tapes)

No, actually I can't say that I've really heard anyone say things like that because the people who say those things are rapists and sex offenders. Also, I'm sorry, but am I not at least slightly better than the man who brags about sexually assaulting women? Obviously, Tomi is not the only person who looked past these remarks and still cast her vote for Trump but to say that this is just something that people say, something that is commonly heard is normalizing sexual assault.

2."The KKK was a brain child of the southern Democratic party, so for the rest of your life you can live with the fact that you are in the party that founded the KKK and now aids and abets the black lives matter more movement."

Everyone who has taken any U.S. history class knows that the party platforms now compared to 1866 are just about opposites. In 1866, there were more Republicans in the north and they believed in more power for the federal government. Are either of those things true for the Republican party today? No. So, to state that the very party that fights for changes in the systematic oppression of blacks are the same people that would have started the KKK is absolutely ludicrous - especially taking into account the fact that the KKK is still around and is mostly Republicans. No part of the BLM movement is to insinuate that "black lives matter more," but since black lives are being oppressed it is evidently necessary to remind people that they matter TOO. No one is mistaken that in America, no lives seem to matter more than whites.

3. "So because I don't agree with what [Colin Kaepernick] did, then now I should shut up? Because I'm white, so I should shut up?"

First of all, this response was given to Trevor Noah during an interview on The Daily Show, where his question to Tomi was to explain how would she suggest black people should protest. Somehow this got her defensive and she felt in some way that he was silencing her because of her race. How ironic? Anyway, this is often what her #Final Thoughts videos sound like being white is hard because it sucks to be called racist. Imagine how bad it would suck if you were on the other end of that.

4. "I'm white and I won't apologize for it, but just as I didn't grow up in the inner cities of Chicago or LA, you didn't grow up in rural South Dakota."

No one has asked her to apologize for her color, but for the fact that she is racist. Oh no, we don't think she's racist because she is a white woman who is not ugly, which is what she believes but we think she is racist because of these very comments. She is trying to prove that she is not racist, which she spends a lot of her time doing, by stating and assuming that blacks grew up in inner cities and not in South Dakota. That's racism. What about the black people who have grown up in rural areas? What about the white people who have grown up in inner cities?

5. "We've had a black president going on eight years now and racial tension is higher now than it's been since the Civil Rights movement. Why is that? Because some in DC and in the streets of Ferguson at the University of Missouri would rather stoke a racial fire than let us heal."

Racial tensions are higher than ever because the racists around America don't know how to handle being governed by a black man. Let's be real. The people in DC or Ferguson who are bringing attention to injustice are not the ones preventing healing. We cannot heal if the injustices and oppression are still happening. That is no fault of President Obama or the protestors, that is the fault of the system, of the racists.

Tomi is obviously full of anger even though she admits that she is not oppressed, that her candidate won, and that she doesn't care what people think of her. This is her job, though, and her appeal to the right is that she fuels their fire. But the way she thinks and the things she says are prime examples of what is wrong with America. And those are my final thoughts.

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