Festival season is here

Spring Is In! Are You Rave Ready?

Festival Season Is Here. I’m Getting All My Glitter And Flowers Ready For This Year’s Shows


Ringing in Spring can be a bittersweet feeling, you lose an out and Spring cleaning is a reminder that you've gotta find a place to stash those layers and comforters you've been burrowing under for the past few months.

However I wouldn't give it up for a minute since losing an hour means gaining a little more sun in the afternoon.

Honestly nothing helps my seasonal affective disorder like walking out of the office to bright sunlight. Another thing I look forward to when the frost comes to an end is festival season. If you're not a festie junkie like me, you've probably never had to budget showers or experienced the very real problem of having to pee while been a mile away from a porta potty. Festival life be lit sometimes… Here are a just a few things to look forward to this festival season.

Shameless Flower crowns


Experiencing All Four Seasons in One Day


Magestic Views And Scenery

Olympic Level Hula Hooping Skills

Prime Examples For Not Doing Drugs

Taking Breathtaking Cell Phone video to cherish for a lifetime


Finding A Bathroom From The Main Stage

The Impromptu Performances While Waiting In Line

Mesmerizing At All The Crap That Washes Off When You Finally Shower

Going Through Hell But Knowing It Was All Worth It


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