This Female-Led Spring Break Playlist Is All You Need To Hit The Beach
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Spring Break

If You Are Looking For Some Major Beach Jams, This Female-Led Spring Break Playlist Is All You Need

Spring Break is just around the corner, and with these tracks it'll surely enhance the vacation.

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Below are 10 tracks that will definitely give your spring break a boost. Whether it's a relaxing break, a hyped-up break, a beach week or anything in-between. This playlist will help you feel the bloom of spring. Did I mention they're all female artists?

1. "Mine" by Slayyyter

This infectious pop single by rising pop princess Slayyyter is the newest ear-worm to grace everyone's ears this spring break. The flirtatious beat, '90s house inspired chorus is everything you need when you're by the beach and trying to make the most out of your spring break. It's a splash of pure ecstasy in the face in the most bubbly way.

2. "Bloodline" by Ariana Grande

Miss. Grande has been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry lately. Her hit album, "thank u, next" is taking the world by storm especially with how successful her lead singles have been. Although the non-single tracks are just as good, especially "bloodline." "bloodline" is one of the catchiest tracks on the entire album, and will definitely be the day-party beach track that everyone's going to sway too.

3. "Cherry" by Rina Sawayama

The magnificently underrated Rina Sawayama will definitely get you off your couch with this track. It sounds like a blooming garden filled with the most spring-full of colors. It's a dazzling palette on your dancing feet. "Cherry" is a coming-out anthem, it's personal, political and is a glistening bop that showcases femininity and queer expression.

4. "World Princess II" by Grimes

This adorably fairy like track visualizes a fun spring walk on a beautifully sunny day. Grimes is an immersive, creative and amazing artist that utilizes her genre-bending abilities to create signature pop-like anthems. "World Princess Part II," is the spring break track to get you out of your bed and into that morning run you've been promising yourself ever since you made your new year resolutions.

5. "5 dollars" by Christine and the Queens

Another uplifting track, Christine and the Queens also simply known as Chris, produces such a heartwarming track that feels like a motivating punch to the stomach. It's about a type of love you CAN buy and has all the self-loving aspects that make it such a grand track. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Chris also tackles issues of fighting off discrimination as a queer human being and living her truth.

6. "Seventeen" by Sharon Van Etten

"Seventeen" is a song about witnessing the minor changes around your hometown, and is the epitome of a nostalgic walk back to your teen years. Sharon Van Etten in this case talks about New York and the many changes it's faced ever since she was seventeen. It exudes such an angst-like freedom that'll only put a fury to your spring break. It's a nice homage to early memories we love to hold on too and the theme of accepting change.

7. "Motion" by Boy Harsher

This electronic track will help get your spring break mind into a club setting. It's filled with hypnotic productions, ranging from the intense drums to the static synths. It's an experience, a dimming visual to help guide you through a dance break. It's a darker track that represents a hedonistic club night in your spring break. It's a night you wish you'd remember.

8. "Almeda" by Solange

Getting into the calmer tracks, Solange's "Almeda" is more of a palette cleanser from the last track something to soothe your soul and relax you during the break. "Almeda" is an homage to Solange's southern black culture, her hometown "Houston" and faith. It's a steady track, that trembles in purity and trueness. Solange brings all of her culture to the foreground, like a universal welcoming to what she and her roots are all about.

9. "Haunted Water" by SPELLLING

A melodic choir, sung by one powerful woman. "Haunted Water" by Spelling is the synth-y sunset on your Spring Break evening. The entire track is a journey, as Spelling guides the listener with her distressed vocals into a world obstructed by haunted water. You can feel the glisten of a dark aquatic abyss in this track, it's more of an atmospheric tide. This track will surely feel like you're floating on a river into the most unexpected depths.

10. "Andromeda" by Weyes Blood

This final track is the closer on this playlist, and it's a grand ending to the world. The track can be heard like a welcoming into the universe but in terms of this playlist its a conclusion to your spring break. The lyrics are godly and space-like referencing things like love and the galaxy. It's a galactic hug to your spring break, a full dive into the universe surrounding yourself and whats to come of it.

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