Faux Flowers Don't Wilt
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Faux Flowers Don't Wilt

Why people put up a front.

Faux Flowers Don't Wilt

Have you ever put up a front, hid behind facade, or not been 100% yourself? If you answered "no", you are probably lying to yourself. We are all guilty of this, but it's critical that we don't become this. Why do people do it? Why would you actively choose to be someone you're not? I've come to the conclusion that there are multiple answers to this question.

Depending on the situation, you may be tempted to either leave elements of your personality at the door, or accentuate other parts, especially if you have a turbulent personalty type. Maybe you are trying to impress your crush, interviewing for a job, or attempting to get in with the 'popular crowd'. This is a natural reaction to awareness of our environment, but there is a fine line between toning down/amping up and changing who you are.

Flowers need soil, water, and sunshine. People need friendship that is rooted in love and a place to belong. Both creatures will suffer without their respective needs being fulfilled. I think that we as humans can get so scared that we won't receive the TLC that we so desperately crave that we pretend to be apathetic towards it. We put on an act because we're terrified of letting people into our messy, flawed, broken lives.

The flowers at Hobby Lobby and Michael's always look their best, right? As opposed to the ones at the grocery store or the Farmer's Market that sometimes have visible imperfections. Maybe that's why we are scared to be real...because we won't always look our bests. It could be that we fear not being accepted. Or chosen. Maybe it's because we think the flower next to us is fresher or smells sweeter. All of these rationales are rooted in fear and therefore not good.

This false appearance we work so tirelessly to uphold leads to a slew of negative results: calculated moves, ulterior motives, shallow/fleeting relationships, distrust, discontent, and ultimately exhaustion from keeping up the act. I'll let you in on a little secret: NOBODY, and I mean nobody has it all together, that goes double for college students. We're all in this thing called life together. So what's the sense in faking it?

It boils down to this; faux flowers need less but also give less. Real flowers require more but also provide more. They remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the air, feed the honeybee population, and perk up any space.

Yes, real flowers are more easily damaged, but they are also more alluring, worth more, and more sought-after.

Authenticity and vulnerability are even more beautiful than the prettiest flower. If there is one thing I could encourage you to be this week, it's real. With yourself, with each other, and with the Lord. I guarantee you'll be all the better for it.

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