10 Fashion Trends From The 60s And 70s That Are Coming Back
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10 Fashion Trends From The 60s & 70s That Are Making A Comeback In 2019

Watch out, these fashion comebacks are groovy, far out, funky, and happenin'! The question is, can you dig it?


Fashion trends come and go, but they always come back. 2019 is the year of reviving previous style crazes. Here are 10 trends that made their round back in the 60s and 70s but definitely making a comeback!

1. Bell-bottom jeans

Whether we want to admit it or not, bell bottoms are becoming increasingly trendy today. While I personally have noticed an increase in denim styles of this classic bottom, there are other fabrics as well as designs such as rips, worn hems, screen printed patterns, and high waistbands that have contributed to the success that these pants have gained recently. Form-fitting garments are still quite popular today, but there has been a major shift towards loosely fitting clothing as seen in the flared hems of bell bottoms. The nice part about flared jeans is that they go with most tops but still keep the consumer on-trend. Most fans of this throwback typically wear a pair of thick high heels to keep their fab hems from brushing along the floor but still allowing their shoes to be fully immersed in denim. Although a tad different than the all-popular skinny jeans, I feel bell bottom jeans could make a seriously groovy comeback.

Check out: San Fran Super Flare ~ Breakwater, $146.00

2. Chunky heels

As someone who acknowledges shoes as the focal point of an outfit, I am totally here for this trend. Simply put: a thicker heel allows the wearer to basically do anything including, but not limited to, all of the tasks that they couldn't do in stilettos. They are easier to walk in and leave more room for decoration, making the biggest statement within the outfit. These funky shoes make taking on day-to-day events that much more bearable as well as stylish!

Check out: Pink Round Toe Chunky, $22.25

3. Round sunglasses

Sunglasses, in general, have made quite a large reappearance in the accessory world. For a while, consumers wore them because "It's sunny!" — now, while that is still the goal of these pieces, you can add personal style to them. The bigger, the better for sunglasses like these.

Check out: Tort About You Round Shades, $10.00

4. Maxi skirts

Long, flowy fabrics with feminine patterns have become increasingly popular as of recently. Typically, skirts like these are worn in the spring and summer months when the "far out" consumer can wear sandals and a short sleeve shirt or cropped top. These skirts bring a freedom and elegance component to the outfit that allows for a light and airy feel. Wearing these maxi bottoms will definitely make you feel like you're at Woodstock!

Check out: Flower Season Chiffon Maxi Skirt, $45.00

5. Mini skirts

On the contrary to the maxi skirt, there is the mini skirt — another staple of the '60s. Most of the skirts are in an A-line style, flaring at the bottom. There are also many different closures that are used functionally as well as aesthetically, including buttons that run all the way up, zippers on different seams, and even toggles. The benefit to the short length of this skirt is that it allows for more leg bearing, which grants the opportunity to wear tights and boots. A common trend today is to wear a neutral colored crop top or shirt and a mini skirt that comes in a variety of colors. Mini skirts give the wearer the advantage of creating multiple outfits for different seasons as well!

Check out:Button Up Jumper Mini Skirt, $40.000

6. Platform shoes

If someone were to ask me a year ago whether platforms were coming back or if I would purchase a pair, I would have laughed at them. Now, here I am with three pairs of platforms in my closet currently...fashion comes at you fast. Whether we want to admit it or not, these funky shoes make everyone refer to "Saturday Night Fever." The benefit to platform heels is the ability to walk easier as opposed to holding your breath while wearing stilettos. Aside from functionality, some brands have also considered the aesthetic aspect of these shoes. Not only do they come in boots, but they are also extremely common in open-toed wear as well as dress shoes. Give a little height to your next 'fit and buy a pair of platforms, you won't regret it!

Check out: Alley Black, $79.95

7. Turtlenecks

Some may argue that these never went away, but I can first-hand say that I could not stand turtlenecks up until quite recently. Depending on the consumer, one of the main complaints of this shirt style is the feeling of the neckline. Most brands have worked with this issue by expanding the circumference of the neckline, leaving a more comfortable space for movement. Similar to the 60s and 70s, these can be worn with mini skirts as well as a pair of high-waist blue jeans and a belt. As previously mentioned, these sweaters can also be made to fit differently; some may be looser while some may be skin-tight. Either way, I am a fan of this cozy comeback.

Check out: Rainbow Women Sweater, $21.99

8. Furs

Faux fur became a hot commodity in the 60s and eventually slowed down due to the production effects on the environment. The concept of fur has been controversial since the beginning; the question of whether to wear real versus faux has caused major issues that continue today. Coats, in specific, are the typical garment of choice when considering a fur purchase. In the 60s and 70s, Russian inspired cuffs and hats to match the fur coat were trendy as well. Today, a faux fur jacket is a staple in many of the newer generation's closets. The only difference is, they also come in every color imaginable which adds variety to your wardrobe and are worn casually as opposed to just in the winter months.

Check out: Nya Jacket, $249.00

9. Jumpsuits

I am all about this trend. While I enjoy wearing dresses, it is an amazing feeling to be dressed up and know that I am still wearing pants. Similar to most trends, the best kind of jumpsuits are designed with inspiration from previous decades. There are so many different styles of jumpsuits: long sleeved, sleeveless, halter, and short sleeved. Heels are typically worn with jumpsuits as the length of the bottoms are longer and should try to avoid falling on the ground. When I wear jumpsuits, my favorite part is accessorizing. Belts, jewelry, ascots, bandannas, hats, and sunglasses are my staple accessories when it's a jumpsuit-wearing day. Whether you are going to a professional interview, going on a picnic, forced to go to a family reunion, or just feeling good that day, jumpsuits are your best friend.

Check out: Halter Flare Jumpsuit, $42.00

10. Scarves and ascots

The versatility of scarves and ascots allows for a diverse range of outfit choices. Not only do they come in a variety of patterns and styles, but they can also be worn in a multitude of ways. Tie it around your neck, wear it as a headband or a bandanna, the variety is insane! Some wear their hair naturally, letting it fall wavy and tying the scarf around the back while some put their hair in a low bun and tie the bandanna. Either way, these pieces are suitable for any style a person may have!

Check out: Flowery Silk Luxury Scarf, $19.99

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