Fall Weather Must-Haves
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Fall Weather Must-Haves

Put away the swim suits and your favorite high-waisted shorts!

Fall Weather Must-Haves

The transitional months of fall can cause some fashion headaches as you try to figure out what clothing to keep in your closet. With limited amount of college living space and the ever-unpredictable Nebraska weather, sometimes it’s difficult to know what should be taking up that precious closet space as you transition into winter. As you pack away those tanks and shorts for the chilly months ahead, get your closet ready with a few Fall must-haves. 

1.The classic long-sleeve chambray shirt: The possibilities and versatility are endless.  If the temperature starts to dip, pair it with your favorite pair of pants and a beanie and you’re ready to go! A little warm?  Pull out a pair of printed shorts, tie up your top to create a waistline, roll the sleeves, and you’re set!  (Pair chambray with a printed pant, black leggings, or jeans with a different wash for a comfortable, yet put-together look!) 

2. A medium weight jacket: Fall often can be frustrating when the weather is not quite warm enough to go without a jacket, but not cold enough for a coat. To combat, keep a medium weight jacket in your closet that you can throw on for those chilly evenings. My suggestion? Pick a great casual jacket with a hood and defined waistline. 

3. Ankle boots: The perfect shoe for the transitioning months. Riding boots are great, but sometimes they can feel too bulky on a warmer day. Keep your toes comfortably warm and stylish during the fall months with an ankle boot instead. Walking to class? Keep the heel to a minimum for extra comfort. 

4. Light: Medium-weight sweater. It’s not cold enough to throw on your full-out winter sweaters yet, but you’re going to need an option that offers a bit more warmth than your average t-shirt. 

5. Dark wash jeans: You’ve probably already had a few pair of jeans in your closet, but if you haven’t, a pair of dark wash jeans is the addition you should make. As the days get cooler, dark wash jeans offer a great transition into the winter months. 

6. Scarf/Hat: Let’s be honest, we live in Nebraska and that means we never know when we might have an impromptu snowstorm. To make sure you’re not caught off guard, keep at least one warm scarf or hat with you. Plus, you can always use a beanie to hide second day hair!

Fall weather is here, and with these staple items you will be ready for whatever weather Nebraska decides to stir up! 

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