Coronavirus Face Masks Do Not Violate Or Infringe Your Rights
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Dear Anti-Maskers, Your Rights Aren't Being Violated, You're Just Being Ignorant

Refusing to wear a mask means that you do not care about anyone's life, including your own.

Dear Anti-Maskers, Your Rights Aren't Being Violated, You're Just Being Ignorant

I am tired of hearing people complain about mask-wearing being made mandatory. Your rights are not being infringed upon, no matter how many times you want to shout from the top of your lungs that they are. The anger and denial being shown from anti-maskers truly make me feel defeated because how could anyone possibly try to argue against doing something as simple and basic to protect the public as wearing a face mask?

We get it, wearing a mask is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is definitely not unbearably uncomfortable. After a few minutes of wearing it, you just adapt. The outrage over cities and states requiring the public to wear masks when in public is simply people being ignorant and stubborn. Medical professionals tell you to do one thing, so they choose to do the other. There is never any valid, factual reasons behind it, just the desire to not be told what to do.

Anti-maskers are going to extremes to avoid wearing masks, like creating fake ADA cards that state they are exempt from wearing masks due to a medical condition. It is disgusting that anyone would fake having a disability because they are too stubborn to listen to the doctors telling them that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus.

And I want to mention, there are people with disabilities that are unable to wear face masks for an extended period of time, or at all, and those people have explained that they have never demanded to be let into a public space without wearing a mask. They understand that they would be putting themselves and others at risk by trying to go out without a mask on, so they have their friends or family do their shopping for them. The anti-maskers that are whipping out those fake ADA cards when being told to leave a store for not wearing a mask are simply trying to create an excuse for themselves to avoid being mildly inconvenienced by wearing a mask.

Even if you were unsure whether wearing a face mask is an effective way to slow the spread of coronavirus, which it is, what would you lose by wearing one? And don't say that it will lower your oxygen levels or cause you to inhale too much carbon dioxide because these claims have both been proven to be false. The only thing that would happen to you by wearing the mask is that you had to go a few hours with half of your face covered.

But by choosing to believe in ridiculous conspiracies and go out without a mask on, you could be the reason someone becomes extremely sick and dies. Refusing to wear a mask means that you do not care about anyone's life, including your own.

It frustrates me that so much of the general public believes that conspiracy theorists on Facebook are a more reliable source than medical professionals. Please, stop digging your heels in and just look at the facts.

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