From Bella in "Twilight" to Hazel Grace in "The Fault in Our Stars", the biggest stories in modern entertainment involve introverts. Is it because they are attentive and kind or is it because they are docile and subordinate? It is a misconception that extroverts rule the world. Girls sitting at home with their Netflix and self-esteem issues are watching quiet young women who attempt to take risks, fail, and then make it out alright because some charming man saved them.

As an extrovert, I say what is on my mind and am often criticized for it. Even in this modern world, extroverts, specifically female extroverts, are pushed down for vocalizing opinions. We all know that some people are more social than others and some people say what they are thinking even when they probably should not. So, why are these people met with such scorn and disdain?

Think back to the person from your high school that you knew was nice, but was often described as obnoxious and loud. Now think back to the person that everyone liked that you also knew was nice. There is a good chance that the former was an extrovert and the latter was an introvert.

Obviously, there are different options regarding introverts and extroverts. No one can argue with the clear traits of movies characters, however. Society likes a certain type of person. From a young age, children learn the patterns. They subconsciously tell themselves to try and behave like those images. This is problematic for numerous reasons, one of them being that we have certain characteristics that we cannot control. Extroverts cannot instantly transform themselves into introverts and vice versa.

Everyone should love who they are. Likewise, we need more support in this world where people are criticized for hundreds of things a day. We should not have to apologize for the parts of us that we cannot change. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you are important to the functionality of society. Do what makes you happy, be who makes you happy, and pay no mind to who others say you should be.