People That Struggle With Acne

For years I've struggled with breakouts that have been worse looking than a pepperoni pizza (at least it's what it feels like). I've tried using makeup to cover it (and still do), and have tried SO many different products that have either made my skin only the slightest bit better or just made my acne worse as a whole.

I've even tried going to a dermatologist that I swore SHOULD at least help me, but even then left me a bit high and dry. High and dry as in my skin was left still very acne prone but instead of oily, it was left flaky and dry from the products that I spent a decent amount of money on that they recommended for my skin.

It sucks, I know. It feels like you're still going through middle school but instead you're a college student that you feel should have more of your shit together. Seeing other people around that seem to have their face and skincare routine but you're still going through tons of money trying to figure out if things work for you or not. It seems like a waste that you're trying to save for other things but it is all going towards your skin but it's just not working.

To the ones that struggle with acne, you're not alone and it's okay. The people that tease the way your face looks are too busy being more concerned about you than themselves. The ones that don't comment on your skin are definitely not concerned about how it looks, only you are, and it's okay to be concerned.

At this point in my life I try to spend money on products slowly. I buy one at a time and if I see results, I keep it, if I don't, I return it for my sake. I work too hard for my money and I won't be one to waste it on a product that just wastes my time. I know I've kept products too many times that have done nothing for me which go along with how I see no better results for me and my skin. I try and drink at least one water bottle a day to try and help my skin, as well as do some good research before buying a product.

Just know that eventually your skin will be clear. Just know that acne is a normal human thing and you're not crazy or different in any way for having it. Just know that your acne makes you unique in your own way and that no matter what people say, you still take care of yourself and your skin even though you do have it. You're not a "greasy person" for having acne, and you're not any uglier with it.

I'm still trying to learn these things myself and take them in as I try to work with my acne everyday. I feel like, with me anyways, I become more aware of the things that cause my skin to break out everyday and I try to fix them in the best ways I can. I feel like with this, I learn more about myself and I learn more about what my body can take and not take as well, and I think this is a way that you should look at it too.

Acne is a bit of a learning experience about our own bodies, and no matter what, you're beautiful with or without it.

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