20 Exercises You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
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20 Exercises You Can Do That Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Private Gym

Can't make it to the gym? Try these exercises at home.

20 Exercises You Can Do That Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Private Gym
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Fitting in a workout can be hard for busy people. Personally, between work, school, and extra curricular activities, it's really hard for me to find time to go to the gym. I'm always busy! Lately, I've been doing lots of yoga and at home workouts. Here's some exercises that's been helping me stay in shape.

1. Downward facing dog. 


This is by far my favorite yoga pose. It stretches legs, arms, shoulders, back and even the arches in your feet. It's a great move that works your body and mind.

2. Lunges. 


I love lunges! Everyone things squats are the only thing that will build a booty but lunges is where it's at! Lunges activates the gluteus medius muscle in each leg. This will help even out any leg muscle imbalances.

3. Front and side planks. 


Planks are great for abs. My suggestion is to try side planks after you've mastered the front plank. Front planks are easier to keep balance with unlike side planks because you're only using one side instead of both.

4. Squat jumps. 

These are a great calorie burner and booty builder. Lately, I've been doing this for 15 reps and then 20 reps of lunges for 3 sets. It's definitely a leg and booty burner!

5. Push-Ups.


This is an oldie, but a goodie! Push-ups are great for toning your arms and upper body. They're a great way to build strength. They actually even build your abs because you're basically doing a moving plank. You can also modify this exercise by doing them on your knees.

6. Chair pose. 

If you're a yogi like me, you know chair pose has so many benefits. It's great for stability along with strengthening hips, ankles, calves, hamstrings, quads, chest, shoulders, back, and booty muscles! This video will help you with the chair pose plus Adriene is a great yogi to follow on YouTube!

7. Glute bridge. 


Glute bridges help build glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles. This is one of the most effective exercises for booty gains!

8. Bow pose. 


This yoga pose is great for opening up your chest. It improves posture and flexibility in the spine. It uses the entire front body while also strengthening all back muscles as well.

9. Mountain climbers. 


This is a good cardio exercise that will get you sweating! You use every muscle in your upper body for stability while working out your lower body too.

10. Lateral leg raises. 


This exercise involves laying down! It helps opening up your lateral hips and glutes. It also works out your abs since they are used to stabilize the body during the exercise.

11. Burpees.


Burpees is a full body strength and cardio experience. Every rep will work out your arms, chest, legs, glutes, abs, and much more. After a few reps of burpees, you'll definitely feel it in your arms and legs.

12. V-Ups. 


V-Ups use your ab muscles and back muscles. It tones the entire core. It also can be a full body stretch too! The only thing with v-ups is that it takes some flexibility to do.

13. Bicycle crunches. 


I do bicycle crunches as often as possible. These are great for your abs. I usually do 20 reps of these plus 15 crunches for 3-4 sets. Some advice would be to keep this exercise slow, steady, and controlled. You might feel like you want to rush through them but keeping it slow will be a lot more valuable.

14. Bird dog. 

This exercise will seem awkward the first time you do it because it can be hard to keep stable. Bird dog will work out your booty when you raise your leg and your trapezius and deltoids when raising your arm.

15. Wall sit. 


You won't need equipment for this but you will need a wall. These will tighten and increase you leg and thigh endurance. You don't have to do these for long. You can do 30 sec to a 60 sec per rep. If you end up loving wall sits like me, you can try to do it for 5 min with 50 pounds of weight resting on your legs.

16. Down dog abs. 

To do this exercise, you'll be in the same position as the downward facing dog. Instead of keeping stationary, you will bring your knee to your torso to work out your abs.

17. Calf raise. 


These are super easy to do anywhere! All you have to do is slowly rise on your toes, hold for a few seconds, then come back down, and repeat!

18. Superman.


This is another really easy move! You just lay on your belly with arms and legs raised. The goal is to keep your torso a steady as possible. Hold this pose for a few seconds then release. Superman strengthens your back and improves posture.

19. Sit-Ups. 


We all remember these from gym class. They might have sucked then but they are a great way to build abdominal muscles! It's also great for your lower back as well.

20. Chakrasana or Wheel Pose. 

This may be hard for some people. It requires some flexibility and stability. Wheel pose will strengthen your arms, wrists, adbs, legs, shoulders, chest, and entire back muscles.

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