Exclusive Interview with Kaskade on 'Fun' and Sun Soaked
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Exclusive Interview: Kaskade On "Fun," Upcoming Sun Soaked, and Staying Connected

"The ocean is insanely powerful and has this way of transfixing most people."

Exclusive Interview: Kaskade On "Fun," Upcoming Sun Soaked, and Staying Connected

Sun's Out, Fun's Out. Everyones favorite DJ Kaskade has been gearing up for summer with all the essentials. Hot off his newest release "Fun" with Brohug, Mr. Tape, and Madge, the multi Grammy-nominated producer is bringing the second edition of his beloved Sun Soaked party to Long Beach and it's going to be bigger, beach-ier, and better.

Kaskade's Tour Dates: https://www.kaskademusic.com/live/

Sun Soaked Tickets:https://sunsoaked.frontgatetickets.com

Check out the interview below:

Both summer and festival season are in full bloom right now. How have the past few months been treating you?

Between playing gigs, making music, and putting the final touches on Sun Soaked, it's been pretty stacked. But this is by far my favorite time of the year. Summertime means being outside and traveling. I love going from festival to festival, to experience what new things people have dreamt up. The inspiration I pull from all the parts of the world gets me to a place where my own creative energy kicks in and carries me through.

You played an amazing set at Ultra Miami this year. How did it feel to be part of something as special as Ultra's 20th anniversary?

Ultra Miami is and has been a juggernaut in the Dance Music world. They've really perfected the art of this multi-stage presence with hundreds of artists doing their thing. I feel lucky to have been a part of their growth over the past 20 years and really appreciated the chance to play a sunset slot this year. Nothing more amazing than pulling the sun out of the sky with a crowd like that.

You announced some changes like venue expansion to this years Sun Soaked. What originally motivated you to debut Sun Soaked and what can we expect out of 2018s?

Sun Soaked has always been bouncing around in the back of my mind. Outside of my family and making music, being outdoors is my biggest love. The ocean is insanely powerful and has this way of transfixing most people. A party on the beach was a no-brainer for me, it was just a matter of getting all the pieces put in the right places at the right times. We are going bigger this year, but more than that, we've dialed in the rough edges and have some more experiential offerings for my fans. It should feel like the best day you've ever had at the beach.

"Fun" is in a completely different direction from your last single "Cold as Stone". What has been inspiring you lately not only to diverge, but also with your current musical sound?

I gather inspiration without really being aware of it. Through traveling, talking to fans, grocery shopping, walking the dog - I really never know what's going to spark an idea. I've made it a point to always be moving around with my musical style. If I have a very club-friendly banger come out, most likely what comes out next will be on an entirely different part of the spectrum. Nothing is more boring than know what to expect from your favorite artist. I duck and dodge, and most of all - try to stay true to what my own idea is of a great sound. All the rest takes care of itself.

On a heavier note, you recently wrote an incredibly insightful and uplifting post regarding Avicii's passing. How do you think we, as the music community, can continue to have conversations like these that strive to help each other?

I do think it's important to address wellness, whether it's mental or physical, on a large scale. More importantly however, is for us to individually stay connected with our people. Check in with our friends who are struggling and actually - the ones who seem the strongest as well. I believe there's a lot information in people's faces. Look at the people you love, look into their eyes and see if they might need something extra that day.

As a pioneer that's been in the music scene for years, you've seen the various changes within the industry, whether that's consumption, genre-trends, or fanbase. What do you think is going to be the next thing that shakes up the industry?

It's impossible to say, but I'm hoping we see the birth of a new platform to share music soon. More and more people are getting tangled up trying to share music (myself included) because of copyright laws and publishing rights. The industry could use a more open door policy for posting music.

Can you tell us about exciting developments or projects going on for your record label Arkade?

When I started Arkade everyone asked me what type of music I was going to focus on. My answer always was, and remains - music I like. It's all over the place and I really like tossing new things out into the world basically yelling "Surprise!," and then seeing where it lands. Coming up? More music. Stay tuned.

Having produced, written and DJ'd in EDM for so long, what's the one thing you've loved about it that has remained constant throughout the years?

My fans. There was a time when I felt like I knew all of them by name, when there were like 25 of the same people showing up everywhere. Now I don't have that luxury of knowing each person's name, but with the community of Kaskade Konnect, I've really been able to stay very involved with the experience of my audience. I think it's vital to not let yourself get too disconnected from the people who support you. Staying in touch and spending as much time with my audience is something I've always loved and will always be a priority for me.

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