3 easy and essential tips for mens fashion.
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3 Easy And Essential Men's Fashion Tips

These little tips will save you or a guy you know from a fashion FLOP.

3 Easy And Essential Men's Fashion Tips

Fellas listen up, fashion isn't just for the women in our lives. We ourselves have to keep up with all of the fashionable females that we are surrounded by, but it isn't as easily done sometimes. The fashion industry is a female-dominated industry, and that's a great thing! Women are powerful when it comes to anything in the fashion industry. However, that means that us guys are struggling to try and keep up. Therefore, I've come up with three tips that will help you when you are struggling with how to dress for the day.

1. Athletic Shoes and Jeans

This is a huge one, and yet a simple one. Athletic shoes such as Nikes, Adidas, or whatever brand that you prefer do work with jeans. However, you have to follow a few rules that can turn it into a stylish and comfortable outfit. Take the photo for example, as this guy is doing everything correct. Athletic shoes can be worn with jeans if they are a casual athletic shoe. That means do not wear the shoes you go to the gym in with your jeans. It just looks trashy and isn't flattering to your character. Every sports brand has a line of lifestyle or casual shoes that can be worn with jeans and other casual pants, so you can be comfortable and still maintain a high-end look. A personal preference that I have, and it seems to work for other guys too, is roll up your pants just above the ankle, like the man in the picture. It will be more flattering and show off the shoe that you're strutting around in.

2. Match Your Colors 

This is something that guys don't seem to handle very easily. Matching your colors is so important if you want to pull off your daily look. For instance, if you have a denim colored shirt you want to wear, do not wear the same color denim jeans. It will look like you are wearing a jean outfit. I mean unless that's the look you're going for then I will support you. But typically nobody wants to wear a jean outfit. So when wearing something like a denim shirt, you do jeans or pants that are black, green, grey, really just any color that isn't the same as your denim shirt.

The same goes for bright colors. If you're the preppy type and own yellow, orange, pink, or green bottoms, you have to know that you cannot mix and match these colored shorts or pants with just any color top. If you have on orange shorts, you don't put on a yellow shirt. You wear a neutral colored shirt to balance out the outfit. If you have on a bright green shirt, then you wear a neutral color for pants or shorts. You would think that this is easy, but it's actually an art that we all must master at some point!

3. Spunk Up Your Formal Attire 

This is one that has become such a fun trend for jobs, weddings, or even school dances. I first started to dabble in this when I was in high school and was attending my homecoming dance with a friend as my date. Her dress and accessories were black, white, and red. I could have been basic and just worn a white shirt with a black tie and been fine, BUT I DON'T DO BASIC. Instead, I opted for a black shirt, pants, and shoes, and used my accessories to add some life to my outfit. I wore white suspenders, a red bow tie with white polka-dots, and patterned red/white/black socks. That may sound like an insane outfit, but I actually began a trend amongst the guys in my grade. For the next few formal events, I noticed they all spunked up their formal attire by mixing and matching the colors in their accessories. If you're anything like me and love attention, then adding flair to your formal outfits will make you feel like you are the center of attention.

I probably sound like a huge critic writing what I say is "tips" that I know best. But the truth is, I learned all of this from people in my life. I had an ATROCIOUS sense of fashion for the longest time, which is why I don't have any photos of me before the age of 16 up on any social media. You don't have to take my advice, because I know my sense of style is different from everybody else's. Nobody dresses or looks the same and I am totally in support of that. These are just general tips that I hope will help out at least one guy who reads this!

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