Essential Ideas to Help Organize Your Garage
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Essential Ideas to Help Organize Your Garage

Organize Your Garage

Essential Ideas to Help Organize Your Garage

Garages help in protecting your vehicles. However, most homeowners do not room or enough space to park their vehicles. In most cases, people will turn their garages into a place where they store all their items that are not used on a regular basis or cannot fit into their house.

Although the garage is one of the best places to keep things you do not use on a regular basis, it is important that it is well organized. When the garage is de-cluttered and properly arranged, it is capable of storing lots of things and still has enough space for your car.

In this article we will be looking at essential ideas you can use to properly organize your garage

Have Items sorted into Groups and Label Them Appropriately

Before you embark on garage cleaning process, it is important you have a plan on how you will do it. You have to pull all items out and group them according to size or uses. When separating, you will easily find items that are of no use and either donate or discard them.

In case you discover several items you are no longer using but do not intend to discard them, purchasing a unit of storage is an excellent option, Storage unit will ensure you are able to keep all the things you will be using without cluttering the garage.

After categorizing all the items, you can now label them different categories. Labeling will ensure you have easy time in case you want an item since you will not have to go through all the categories again. It will also ensure you save your time whenever you want to recover something.

Invest in Pegboard to Ensure Items and Properly Hanged

Pegboards are very common in workshops and garages. Installing them is very easy and they are quite affordable. They are a perfect option when it comes to hanging small objects in the garage. It is important that you always use pegs or hooks to help hang tools like hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers or drills in the garage. This ensures they are easily visible and within reach whenever they are needed.

Pegboards are available in different colors, materials, sizes and thickness and it is easy to get one that fits your garage.

Properly Organize the Garden Tools

In case you are so much into landscaping and gardening and rarely get time to organize your garage, high chances you have lots of dirty equipment like floor jacks scattered all over. There is always a possibility they can dent the car surfaces should any of them fall.

You can invest in storage racks that will help in holding against any item having a long handle. It is also possible to build your own rack. Drill small holes at the end of every piece. Thereafter screw them closer to the middle and at the bottom of the wall. Line them up. When you have the pipe chunks attached, place the tools handles through the holes.

Always Store Up and Never Out

When you have an open floor in the garage, it will help make the area clean, open, and spacious. You can achieve this by making good use of the walls and ceiling. You can use the following methods:

Overhead Units: Ensure you attach closet shelving on top of the garage door and slide the bins at the top to help store items that you do not use on a frequent basis.

  • Ceiling Hooks: Consider having bikes hanged or any other sporting equipment.
  • Nails in the Walls: You can hand items that are light on the wall using nails.
  • Shelves: Properly organize small items that are not good for hanging on the shelves.

Keep the sporting Gadgets with Bungee Cords

Although most of the sporting activities are played outdoors, garage tends to be the most preferable storage place for ground balls. Most people opt to stack them in a cupboard or corner. However, there is a possibility of at least some falling away and rolling. To ensure you store the appropriately, hook some cords between the shelves and keep the balls in between the cords and the garage wall.

The bungee cords are a perfect tool that can be used in trapping balls against garage corners.

Consider Attaching Jars at the Bottom of the Shelf

In case you are interested in sparing some space at the top of the shelf for boxes or bins, it is appropriate that you consider using the shelf bottom to help in storing small things like screws, bolts and nails. All you have to do is get a clean jar and screw the lid to underside of the shelf. You can place small items in the jar and close the jar by twisting the lid. With this, you will be able to save lots of space and ensure all the small items are properly organized.

Partition the Garage into zones

To make your garage more accessible and organized, always partition it to a 6-zone system. With this, you will be breaking spaces into different portion depending on what you will be storing and how frequently you will be using them.

  • Daily Items: Place them in a shelf you can easily access.
  • Thin and tall items: Preferable use side walls of garage to help in storing them
  • Transition products: Place items you always take with you whenever you leave the area close to the door.
  • Rarely used products: Items that you use on a seasonal basis can be placed in a cabinet at the corner or you can hang them at the ceiling.
  • Work station equipment's: It does not matter what your hobby is, always create some workstation close to the garage back and have storage cabinets and a table where you can work on.


Organizing a garage can be tiresome job. However, when you properly de-clutter items you keep in the garage, you will enjoy the spacious and neat surrounding that will help save your time and effort whenever you are looking for some items.

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