Emma Chamberlain Is Trending All Over The Internet
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Emma Chamberlain Is Taking Over The Internet And Honestly, I'm Okay With It

Emma Chamberlain. We know her, we love her, and, for some reason, everyone on the Internet wants to be her.

Emma Chamberlain Is Taking Over The Internet And Honestly, I'm Okay With It

YouTube has gone through a multitude of phases. From the skit phases to the DIY phases to the current phase: vlogging. Sure, we have all heard of David Dobrik. But, this is different. Emma Chamberlain, ladies and gentlemen. She is a 17-year-old vlogger from San Francisco, California. The unusual thing about her channel is that she can literally make videos about anything and she has an audience. I know, personally, I love her car ride vlogs or photoshoots with friends. But, I noticed that suddenly, she is everywhere. When I first started watching her, she was in her little apartment with her mom in SF, but now I can pretty much find her in any big YouTube star's videos. She is taking over the Internet and I think I have figured out why.

1. She is completely and utterly herself.

Emma recently made a good group of friends due to her connections with Dote. Her friends include Ellie Thumann, Hannah Meloche, Summer Mckeen, Olivia Rouyre, and more. In all of her videos though, she is still 100% herself. Emma has been known to cuss and says whatever is on her mind. Even with her new friends, who usually have a pretty clean image, Emma is still that fun, spunky girl that everyone loves.

2. Fame hasn't changed her. 


Emma recently moved to Los Angeles and not only has her location changed, but her appearance and friend group has developed. She has been seen posting more pictures dressed up and has been posted with her new LA friends, Tana Mongeau, James Charles, David Dobrik, and the Dolan Twins. However, once again, she is still her same old self just with cooler wardrobe and famous friends.

3. After you watch her videos, you suddenly feel the desire to drink an iced almond milk latte. 


When I first got introduced to her videos, I realized that she has a crazy obsession with coffee. I mean, so does the normal young adult, but Emma has made countless videos about her caffeine consumption. She has even shared her recipe for the perfect iced almond milk latte at home. Trust me, you will want to drink one after you watch her videos, just because she makes them sound so good.

4. And to apply chapstick

Going along with the coffee addiction, Emma is also obsessed with chapstick. Something that is not seen as much anymore, but in her classic car ride videos, she is notorious for applying an endless amount of chapstick. I know that after the discovery of her channel, my friends and I immediately went out and bought a bunch of different chapsticks, put them in various places in our lives, and applied constantly. Don't worry, your chapped lips will thank you even if your wallet doesn't.

5. Showing your under eye circles and messy bun is totally okay. 


This girl is the queen of messy buns and under eye circles. I grew up in the stage of YouTube known as the "perfect era" where girls such as Alisha Marie and Bethany Mota were the top inspirations. They always looked perfect and had appealing, saturated videos. However, Emma is known to pull all-nighters, which leads to the under eye circles. Plus she just throws her hair up, without caring about the perfectness of it. I think that is something that I admire about her because she is showing people that you don't have to be perfect all the time, because no one is.

6. Her editing is completely different than anyone else. 


Editing makes or breaks a Youtube video and as said before, Emma is a vlogger. However, she is known to pop in every once and while and add commentary usually looking like the picture above. Again, this is showing how she really isn't trying to impress anyone, which is something so many people admire about her. Speaking of this, a lot of her friends have been known to follow in her footsteps and do this same type of editing. I mean, I guess it's appealing to hear the additional jokes added in the videos. I don't know but I like it.

Basically, Emma is a trendsetter. Whether that be with her editing, her coffee order, or frankly even the way she speaks. Personally, I love her personality and her humor and I'm really glad she is becoming more popular. Her friend group is all over social media and frankly, I'm not mad. Due to Emma, I have started watching all of her friend's videos too. Whatever she is doing, she is doing it right and I hope to see Emma Chamberlain around for a long time.

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