Elizabeth l was the best queen in the medieval history
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Why Elizabeth l Was The best Monarch

The greatest monarch in English history.

Why Elizabeth l Was The best Monarch

Elizabeth l was the daughter of Henry VIII. He always wanted a son for himself because he believed that only a son can rule England, but women cannot rule. He married so many women to have a son. His first wife was Catherine of Aragon who first married his elder brother Author, but he died within 6 months of their wedding. Then King Henry Vlll married her because she was beautiful and smart, but she only gave him one daughter. Even though they had many children. Then he divorced her and married Anne Boleyn who is the mother of Elizabeth l. He beheaded her mother because he believed that he had many affairs and he made her a bastard. Then he had a son named Edward with Jane Seymour but he also dies when he was a teen while he was a king.

Elizabeth was the best Monarch because she knows what is best for her people and people also loved her for that. She did not rule England on the bases of class or religion. She ruled England as it is a country filled with people who are no different from each other. She is normally not a war person.

She does not like wars, but if her country was at stake she took the right move at the right time to make her country to be proud of herself. When she had the thread from her own people, and from her very own cousin, she tried to makes things to go in the right direction as much as possible. But life had a different fate for her. She had to behead her cousin just because the proof of her cousin planning a thread for Elizabeth l. She had no other choice. She had to behead her cousin. She never married in her life. She knows what the world would treat her as if she got married. So, she never got married. She lived like a queen and died like a queen.

She did not prove this world that how a monarch should rule but also she proved to this world that how women should be like.

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