Christmas time. It's most people's favorite time of the year. Gifts are being wrapped, the tree is up, decorations are out. The Christmas movies are being pulled out too. Like any genre of movies, there are classics. There are the ones that everyone watches every year for the Christmas season.

"Elf" is one of those popular movies that everyone loves, but it's just way overrated.

From what I understand, most people only love the movie so much because Will Ferrell is the star of the movie. I will admit he's a pretty funny guy, but this movie doesn't really live up to all the hype. His character is very childish and not very funny. As childish as Buddy is, it honestly would have made more sense for the character to be played by a child. Maybe then it would've been a little more humorous.

The thing about this movie is Buddy the Elf just does stupid things. Stupidity doesn't exactly equal humor. I recently saw a video of the "funniest moments" from the movie. One of the clips included was the scene in a department store, where a woman was advertising some kind of perfume. She referred to it by its scent and Buddy only heard the fruit part so he sprays it in his mouth, and then is disgusted by it. So he thought that it was some kind of fruit spray that he could eat...and this is funny why?

It's just not a good movie and it's definitely not a good Christmas one.

There are SO many other movies that are much better Christmas movies that "Elf." "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "Home Alone," "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York," and so many others come to mind before I even think about this movie.

To me, "Elf" was just kind of a waste of time. It had good actors in it to attract attention, but it just wasn't a good movie and I won't be keeping it on my list of Christmas movies now that I've seen it.