It's Electrifying: When Are Tasers Actually Necessary?
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It's Electrifying: When Are Tasers Actually Necessary?


As the Saturday night Sammy frat party with the Nupes met a sour intermission of electrifying consequences, I think we can all agree that the cops, at times, suck.

While people from all over come to Austin to enjoy our classic Southern hospitality and our innate intuition to have a raging good time, it should not be surprising when "the more the merrier" turns into "the more you want to leave."

It was said by a watching bystander, much like myself, that it was the masses of students trying to push themselves into the party that triggered a phone call to the Men in Blue. But where do they draw the line between protecting our safety and guarding their satisfaction? And when are Tasers actually necessary?

The original intention for the Taser gun was as a self-defense weapon, yet we see terrifying reports of the police misusing them without first enforcing more practical means of control.

A high intensity voltage shock to the chest is not only excruciatingly painful, but can also lead to more serious side effects, such as cardiac arrhythmia. Even the young and healthy are at risk of going into cardiac arrest if unaware of susceptibility, and most of us, I would imagine, are unaware.

In 2007, the UNCAT (United Nations Committee Against Torture) agreed that the electrical charge that a Taser gun can produce is, in fact, a form of torture and can provoke death. So why is it here among the frisky partiers of West Campus? Is it not our own safety the cops are trying to protect, yet simultaneously neglecting?

As the lingering bystanders dispersed back into the night and the rounding lights on top of the cop cars were turned off, the previous tension seemed to fade away. The congregations of the recently-twerking split up into their recently-confirmed-after-parties, and I had found the chance to chat with a girl decked out in the soror-ti-sport style.

She, with the interjections of surrounding friends, helped paint an idea of what a good time I had missed out on and the unnecessary number of cops that arrived. A friend that seemed a little more steady on the foot cut in with “fourteen."

Expanding upon her friend’s anecdote, she added the number of first respondents was six cars, following up with three more cars when everyone was outside in the streets. It was in the front lawn along Leon Street when a young man was tased for resisting arrest. But with fourteen cops, is that really necessary? Is this not what they teach officers at Cop College?

With spring at our doorstep, more and more university foreigners will be frothing at the mouth when it becomes Round Up time -- the most intense West Campus frolicking between parties, concerts, and, let’s not forget, crawfish. So, please, fellow party-goers, tell your friends: avoid the Po-Po and go-go. Before you are under arrest, then don’t resist.

Let’s try to share our Southern charm with the Officers in hopes of it rubbing off -- so they only use their Tasers when necessary.  

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