I downloaded this app called "Egg, Inc." where it's a virtual chicken farm. The point of the game is for fun and but to also make as much money and sell as many eggs as you possibly can. You can continue to grow the chicken farm and make it as tech-savvy as you want. The app is free for iPhone and Android users.

The game has about 17 different eggs, and each egg is different. Some of the eggs are for super food, rocket fuel, and medical reasons. You can have up to four chicken coops but you can continuously upgrade the coops when they reach their capacity. The more you upgrade your research and technology for your farm, the faster you make money.

The game is simple and anyone can play it. I recommend it because it's super fun and simple, and it's a quick way to pass up time when you're bored. All you have to do to release the hoards of chicken to press the red chicken button and you are good to go.

And this leads me to my next ridiculous point, I want to own a chicken farm with some other animals. Yes, that is one of my aspirations in life is to have a job I love to death and a chicken farm. I don't care how ridiculous it sounds, I want a few dogs of course but I want some chickens.

I know I am not the only one who has some crazy dream or idea that want to achieve at some point in their life. Ask yourself, what is one outrageous dream or idea that you want to achieve at some point in your life? All jokes and nonsense aside, I say go for it no matter how long it takes.

Owning a chicken farm is the most outrageous thing I have probably ever thought of but hey, who cares, am I right? Own some chickens, maybe a few goats and of course own a few dogs. It might take me a while to own some chickens, but I will own some dogs first and then chickens. I have it all planned out.

A chicken farm plus myself equals an iconic duo in my book. And yes, I would name each chicken. I would own no more than ten because I'll still be a busy working woman living her best life, but just enough chickens to keep me occupied and loving it. Also, I already have a farmer type hat ready to be used so I'm one step in the right direction.

So yes, one day I will own a chicken farm and I don't care how crazy or ridiculous it sounds.