How A Die Hard Tea Drinker Hacked The Coffee Game

How A Die Hard Tea Drinker Hacked The Coffee Game

I never thought a tea fanatic like me could get hooked on coffee...


All of my life, I HATED the taste of coffee. The only way I could muscle it down was to suppress the taste with gallons of cream, sugar, and vanilla or caramel flavoring. Therefore, I didn't see a point in drinking it, since, if I did, it would NOT be a healthy beverage. So, I stuck with tea.

Tea became an obsession for me. I have a whole shelf in the kitchen pantry for all of my different flavors at both my mom's house AND my dad's house. I even have two Trader Joe's paper bags full of tea in the kitchen closet at my apartment, too. Be it green, white, black, herbal, fruity, spicy - you name it, I drink it!

A few weeks ago, I was compelled to drink coffee at a staff training breakfast. There wasn't any hot water for the tea bag I had with me, just coffee. I also brought a vanilla creme Genuine Muscle Milk protein drink with me, so I decided to mix it with some coffee. To my surprise, it was absolutely delightful. The coffee had that creamy taste I need when drinking it but, instead of being full of unhealthy creamer and sugar, it was full of protein and nutrients!

I discovered a way to hack the coffee game!

I mean, let's be honest: protein shakes are not very tasty on their own. Still, many of us drink them daily after workouts or as meal replacements in attempt to get enough protein into our diet and maintain a healthy weight. Why force them down plain when you can make them actually taste good by mixing them with coffee?

I have now tried this with several different protein shakes and flavors other than the initial vanilla creme Genuine Muscle Milk, including the chocolate flavor and the salted caramel Premier Protein shake, and they have all been successful missions. Plain coffee is good but using a French vanilla brew makes them even tastier!

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my tea and participate in tea time with my roommates at 8:23 pm on a regular basis. But there is something about coffee that just wakes you up a bit more in the morning or during that afternoon slum... and it makes you have to go poop, which is always a plus.

So, this is my latest discovery and I am pretty happy about it, as you can probably tell from me writing a whole article about it. I highly recommend giving it a try, even if you don't like the taste of coffee. You'd be surprised with how delicious it is to mix your protein shakes with coffee - it honestly tastes like a dessert!

I never thought a die-hard tea drinker like me would ever get hooked on coffee, but it happened, and it can happen to you to by hacking the coffee game!

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10 Things People Who Addictively Drink Diet Coke Are Sick Of Hearing

In tribute to the most wonderful beverage in the world during my attempt to detox.

Hi I'm Katie, and I'm a Diet Coke-aholic. It's been 28 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes, and a handful of seconds since my last Diet Coke and I think I'm going to die. I'm not kidding — I've had dreams about the stuff, it's bad guys. I figured with the new year I would try and be healthier. I said I would give up Diet Coke for a year, a whole year. So when I found myself sitting in my room missing the feeling of drinking a nice cold Diet Coke I couldn't help but reminisce on all of the super annoying things people say about my "addiction."

1. It'll cause cancer

The original study that “firmly concluded" that Diet Coke “definitely causes cancer" was done by Italian researchers where they overfed almost 2,000 rats aspartame (the main sweetener in diet soda) at a rate and concentration that no human being would ever likely consume. So although a link was found between aspartame dosage and cancer in rats a similar study on humans confirmed no link between the two. Maybe they'll find something in the future, but right now I get to drink my can guilt free. Science.

2. You know, Diet Coke won't make you skinny

I haven't been to the gym since October. Trust me, honey, I'm not drinking the stuff for the health benefits. I'm drinking it for the delicious taste.

3. Have you ever thought about cutting back a little?


4. Have you ever thought about swapping it out for seltzer water or something else?

No. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Please stop suggesting stupid things.

5. Put the bottle down!

Some people think that it's a problem. I think that it's a solution.

6. Diet Coke is actually worse for you than regular Coke.

Ok cool. Thanks, doc.

7. Do you know how much money you're probably spending?

No, and I don't want to find out. I have been successfully avoiding the answer to this since 2010.

8. All that soda will impact your mood.

You're damn right it will. If I'm stressed, or sad, or angry — you name it, a Diet Coke is guaranteed to make me smile. So thank you for pointing this out because yes, Diet Coke does affect my mood.

9. The sugar will rot your teeth

a) It's the carbonation, not the sugar that rots your teeth b) I brush my teeth and practice other oral hygiene regardless so I think I'm OK.

10. You have a problem.

Yeah, it's you. I am fully aware that I drink more Diet Coke than some people but I'm OK with that.

Despite all of the nonsense people insist on talking to me about I will always have a special place in my heart for Diet Coke. See you in 2017, my love.

Cover Image Credit: Coca-Cola Co.

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10 Reasons To Start Vaping In 2019 If You Haven't Yet

"It's safer than cigarettes"


Vaping is the rage these days among adolescents and college students. Here are some great reasons to start!

1. It's what all the cool kids do


I wish that I could be like the cool kids

2. It damages your lungs

It's not like you need these to breathe or anything

3. It pollutes the air

Let's pollute the air even more!

4. Nicotine addiction

Just the thing I want to be addicted to

5. "Delicious" flavors

Would you prefer mango flavor or the cancer flavor?

6. The Juul looks like a USB

Your parents won't suspect a thing

7. Inhale metals like nickel and lead

Yummmmmm. Lead poisoning isn't a thing.

8. More likely to get infections


9. You'll eventually want cigarettes

And you'll make your lungs worse

10. Lung and mouth cancer

Who doesn't want cancer

In case you couldn't tell, this was very sarcastic. If you want all of these things, then go ahead, start vaping. But you should know what you're getting yourself into and be prepared for the consequences.

If you already vape, I mean no disrespect and I'm not trying to hate on you, but you should seriously stop. Whatever you think is a good reason for vaping really is not a good enough reason to damage your body.

Stop vaping. And if you don't vape, don't start. Just don't.

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