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How Choosing Dunkin Donuts Or A Pumpkin Spice Latte Describes How You Spend Your Day

Hot, scorching hot, cold, extra ice?

How Choosing Dunkin Donuts Or A Pumpkin Spice Latte Describes How You Spend Your Day

Anyone who drinks coffee is quite particular about what goes in and what stays out. It may be because this is how we get ourselves up in the morning, how we get through the day, or simply because coffee preferences change. The more you drink it, typically, the simpler it becomes. Because of our dependency on it, if it is wrong, everything is wrong. It sets the stage for how the day is going to go.

First question. Starbucks or Dunkin?

I started out as a Dunkin girl, with a medium iced caramel latte with skim milk and no sugar. I turned the corner to a Starbucks caramel macchiato feign. Now, I have no preference, except a small, passionate coffee shop, with an iced coffee with a splash of milk of any sort.

My dad is the scorching hot cinnamon dolce latte Starbucks veteran, while my mom pretends her coffee is mostly coffee, but in fact, it is ¾ milk.

Coffee or tea?

There are people who do not like coffee and stick to tea. There are the green tea-ers who can't go a day without it. There are the English breakfast people who believe tea has as much caffeine as coffee, which is just, sadly, not true.

Now people are trying Chai, Dirty Chai, Matcha, Orange Pekoe, etc. The options are endless, just like the ways to fix your cup of coffee.

It is okay to like both. I had a tea phase, and as much as I wish I was as passionate a tea drinker as passion fruit iced tea, I am forever a coffee girl.

It is the smell of the beans, the rustic atmosphere, and the energy that can't be matched.

There are the people who drink coffee to wake up and cant drink it past 3 p.m. and the drinkers like me who can drink it at any point any day and fall fast asleep as quickly as it wakes me up. It can actually put me to sleep. Crazy, right?

It is all a mental. Will it wake you up? Will it satisfy your craving? Do you need another cup? Similarly, to set the tone of the day, coffee orders are a mental Rubik's cube.

Do you put in cream? Sugar? Splenda? Stevia?

Black? Milk? Skim? Espresso? Regular? Half-caf? Decaf? Are you that person that drinks hot water with lemon?

Decaf is, honestly, a straight sin… get yourself a cup of tea instead. If you are from down South, maybe even some sweet tea.

What does that say about who you are and how you live your life? Do you live a fast-paced one? Do you live in the moment? Are you constantly stressed? Do you need more energy or do you need to wind down?

Coffee is my cup of tea. What is yours?

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