Life isn't about being pretty, it's about being interesting

The Heck With Being The Prettiest In The Room, I'd Rather Be The Most Interesting

An under-looked concept that could save ourselves.

Kate Moore

"Pretty girls" are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. Women spend most of their personal time sculpting away their bodies. Applying makeup, doing their hair, purchasing new and in style clothes, and keeping up with their daily routines to keep their perfect little selves.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep up on yourself. Shit, it feels good to feel beautiful. But to me, beautiful has a different definition than some other people in this world.

To me, feeling beautiful occurs when I am happy. When I am with positive people who radiate love, I feel beautiful. When I am participating in an activity that makes me excited, I feel beautiful. When I listen to music that creates butterflies in my soul, I feel beautiful.

Over the years, some women spend their time working on their images so that they can look pretty and attractive. While this can develop a short-lived feeling of enjoyment, I strive to work on myself another way.

Instead of practicing my makeup or plucking my eyebrows, I spend time reading, researching, googling or watching Netflix. Basically, anything that can expand my knowledge about the world and life makes me feel pretty and whole.

Talk about the different music you listen to, and how you've done things people haven't even considered doing.

Your looks can go only so far until you open your mouth. You can look like the most beautiful woman in the whole world, but what you know and your intelligence is much more awesome.

I would rather be able to share hundreds of amazing stories and adventures so someone I meet, rather than show off my looks. Intelligence is sexy. Be intelligent, too.

Never dumb yourself down for anyone in the room.

Be the woman who has stories to tell, and lessons to share. Be the woman who knows so much about the body and the mind that she can impress anyone with her knowledge. Be the woman who is so strong that she knows who the hell she is when she walks into a room.

Being pretty isn't the only thing we have to offer.

Be interesting.

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