Donald Trump As Told By Twitter
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Donald Trump As Told By Twitter

Donald Trump As Told By Twitter

I’m sure we are all familiar with Mr. Donald Trump. Multi-billionaire business tycoon and all around not a very nice guy. As of a few weeks ago, we can now (shockingly) add presidential hopeful to that list. Given his recent announcement, pretty much all media outlets have been flooded with stories focused around this rich goofball and this has gotten me to thinking about this man and who he really is.

Naturally, I turned to Twitter, where people will fearlessly reveal their true faces behind the cover of computer screens. My findings were quite eye opening; it is apparent Mr. Trump really likes to be vocal through his @realDonaldTrump Twitter handle. Let’s take a look, you and I, at a handful of tweets that show who exactly the man behind the smug facade is.

Let’s start off with a hot topic, China. Mr. Trump has made very clear through Twitter his distaste for and general hatred of China and Chinese industry as it competes with the United States.

This all in spite of the fact that several, if not all, items in the Donald Trump suit collection are manufactured in China, a hilariously hypocritical fact pointed out by “Modern Family” writer Danny Zuker. This response sparked a even more hilarious Twitter war between the two, with Donald ultimately fleeing the scene like a little kid being told off by his parents.

Now, let’s see what Mr. Trump thinks of global climate change, shall we? Donald has several different ideas regarding this very real environmental issue. Whether he’s blaming China for inventing the ”hoax” to cut US industrial competition, or the government to justify higher taxes, he stands adamant that the globe is actually freezing because of a recent winter that was a few degrees cooler than the year before.

Donald has even taken it upon himself to chime in on the issue of vaccinations. He stands very opposed to mass vaccinations of young children against horrible diseases on the grounds that they cause autism.

My issue with his stance here is twofold. First, vaccinations don’t cause autism, I won’t go into details, but just know that correlation does not equal causation. Second, if we stop vaccinating kids, who knows what awful diseases from decades ago will return to commonplace. I for one would not like to see Measles or Polio make a comeback in my lifetime.

Mr. Trump has even taken it upon himself to remind everyone on twitter how great and amazing he is. Sending out tweets proclaiming his genius-level I.Q. and that his twitter account is "so powerful" that he can actually force the truth out of his "enemies". I will admit, the man sure is confident in himself, confidence which is terribly misplaced.

If that's not enough, here are a more few tweets that display just how much a jerk Mr. Trump is. You may notice that he has a habit of calling all those who disagree with him "morons", "losers", or "dummies". Additionally, Mr. Trump often enjoys sticking his nose in other people's business or just actively insulting them. Take a look.

These are but a few examples of the crazy inner-workings of Mr. Trump's mind as displayed just through his personal Twitter account. Frankly, the fact that a man so laughably ill-informed, intellectually juvenile, inexcusably hypocritical, and infuriatingly stubborn is running for the office of the most powerful position in the United States and that there are people who actually support him shocks me. Donald Trump positions his campaign on the platform that he will "Make America Great Again" and it seems that were he, God forbid, elected president, he would almost certainly fail in that sense and nigh undoubtedly do the very opposite.


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