Do I Have Your Erection? I Mean, Attention!
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Politics and Activism

Do I Have Your Erection? I Mean, Attention!

Nudity does not imply a lack of self respect... It's an implication of freedom. Are you free?

Do I Have Your Erection? I Mean, Attention!
Instagram: formerly_curvyballerina

*hits dank, exhales, strips*

Lol, so I get it. Nudity. Gross, right? I mean, what woman, especially a black woman, would think anyone would ever take them seriously when they bare themselves to the world? Why should I expect a man to consider me worthy of commitment when I expose my most intimate parts to anyone with access to a mobile device or laptop? But beyond that, why don't I have enough respect for myself to realize that the body that I was born with is something that ultimately belongs to them- the men? I mean, I should know better; I should know that ultimately the only reason I possess my feminine features is solely to physically provide pleasure to my male counterparts. Hey, like I said, I get it. Now let me explain to you why you got me fucked up. Have a seat for this one.

Gentlemen, nothing I have belongs to you. Nothing any woman has on her body belongs to you. Period. I was not created with intellect, charm and talent simply to be able to serve you and to meet your primitive, sexual needs. I am a divine creature worthy of worship and respect -- yes, even with my clothing being discarded. I am an ethereal being capable of evoking emotion simply by gracing you with my presence. My sisters and I were not placed here simply for your amusement, for your entertainment, for your 'fuckery'. The misconception that female nudity instantly translates to 'fuckable' or 'easy' is way too common. And that's due to most men possessing a false sense of entitlement leading them to believe that women are in the most barest sense 'walking vaginas'. Somehow women are only here for a man's sexual disposal and to prepare meals while also baring children and tending to the house.

Yes, it's true. We possess amazing, bouncing bosoms and cushy backsides that are quite reminiscent of the most opulent, luxurious cotton experience you'll ever experience! We have the ability to melt your eardrums and hearts with our slithery and tantalizing diction. Furthermore, we have an aura that just makes you feel like you're at home. Still, these qualities that make us the tangible deities that we are aren't for you. It's simply the way we're made, gentlemen. A woman has the right to express herself in the barest form without your assuming she doesn't possess an ounce of class or that the only way she knows how to attract attention is simply to just strip. Clothed or not, are you thinking with your heads or your 'dickheads'?

Most black men tend to hold black women to such a high standard that their own mothers wouldn't even be able to achieve such excellence. It's like they've created this fairy-tale idea of what a black woman should be on paper before deeming her worthy of respect; she has to be fully-clothed, educated, tall, light skinned, absolutely no weave, no kids, no make up, long hair, naturally beautiful, gainfully employed, Ivy-league graduate, no stretch marks, tri-lingual, never kissed a boy, no body hair, brushes teeth after every meal, owns her own house, car, condo, timeshare, dog, goes to church every Sunday and sucks your dick every day while never forgetting to keep her body right before she's considered a good girl.

Lol, and then there's me. I'm the naked bitch. I'm the one that bravely bares all at odd hours and in weird places with no shame. I'm the one who publicly displays untouched photos showing multiple bumps, bruises, and stretchmarks without a care; without an inkling of guilt or gnawing feeling that I could possibly be offending some man. A man who feels that a woman who exudes enough confidence to exhibit the body, her body, in a purely classical form, should be shamed with titles such as 'slut', 'whore', 'harlot', etc. All of these titles associated with women who have either shed clothing publicly in some way or who have openly enjoyed sex without shame. Because only men are allowed to not only enjoy having sex but to also hold open forums about who they've recently committed the act with. But we, the free women who refuse to abide by societal standards of 'respectable' women, are condemned simply because you do not understand the manner in which we choose to express ourselves. A very harmless manner might I add. All we're doing is getting a little naked, guys. And guess what? It's not for you! In the words of the brilliant theorist Beyonce Knowles Carter, " I'm A Grown Woman, I Can Do Whatever I Want!"

Most men possess a level of intellect so low that they're unable to see women as the seraphic beings that they are. I'll never understand how my decision to courageously shed all for the name of art makes a sensitive black man so uncomfortable. It's almost as if the moment they exit the vagina, they forget that they're actually half woman. That's right, guys! You're half woman! A man and a woman created you! Thus, making you half woman! Yet, the moment the umbilical chord is cut, you begin developing notions of misogyny leading you to believe women are of lesser worth. Especially women who take off their clothes for any other purpose than to put on new clothes. But guess what gentlemen?! You're wrong! Every single last one of you idiots that thinks this way is fucking wrong! See, because women were given the power to create you, it gives us the power to do whatever else the fuck we want to do. So if we want to be naked in the streets at 3 a.m. taking photos, then that's what the fuck we're doing! If I want my body painted and then displayed, that's what the fuck I'm doing! If you got a problem, then do what you would most likely say to me and 'suck a dick'.

I would simply like to state that everything I do, say, and don't wear is for the empowerment of all of my sisters struggling with sexual confidence issues, shaming of any kind, being sensually positive, body issues, needing help reaching fitness goals; whatever the fuck you need. I do not spend time conceptualizing photo series and developing a fitness syllabus purely for the reaction of men or to show off my assets. I do this because women need to know that it's fine to be a sexual creature without shame. It's fine for us to embrace our sensuality and femininity. I stand before you proudly and unapologetically nude for the woman struggling to feel comfortable in her clothing; in her skin. I stand for the woman too afraid to stand herself because she's standing behind a man. It's completely fine to be so comfortable with yourself and so in love with your body that all you want to do is show it off. I do this because women have a hard enough time in the world living up to the average male standards so they deserve to have a positive source that basically stands for a big ole 'FUCK YOU!' And now I'll say it... Fuck you...

You're welcome.

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