Disney Characters That Share Voice Actors
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Disney Characters That Share Voice Actors

See how many you know, or didn't know!

Disney Characters That Share Voice Actors
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It’s no secret that Disney often reuses their voice talent. Sometimes two characters are similar enough that they call for the same style of voice. There’s also actors who have voices that are so versatile that they can play two totally different characters to perfection.

As a self-declared Disney-nerd, I had so much fun looking at the characters with overlapping voices. You can close your eyes while listening to Kaa the snake, and imagine Winnie the Pooh telling Mogli to trust in him. I compiled a list of all of the characters pairs I could find, so get ready to have your mind blown:

1. Alice and Wendy

Mr. Disney had two films led by a British, charming young lady, so why not let them have the same voice? Kathryn Beaumont was a ten-year-old girl when she was discovered by an MGM talent scout and cast as Alice in Mr. Disney’s film. He clearly kept her in mind soon after, when he began working on "Peter Pan."

2. The Mad Hatter and Uncle Albert

Keeping with the Wonderland theme for a second, the voice of The Mad Hatter in "Alice In Wonderland" can also be seen in Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" as the ever-cheerful Uncle Albert. Imagine having a mad tea party up on that ceiling!

4. Winnie the Pooh and Kaa

That's right, our favorite silly old bear and sinister snake are voiced by the same actor, Sterling Holloway. He also provides the voice for the slightly-lesser-remembered character Roquefort from "The Aristocats." You can also hear is signature voice in the queue line right before you board your service elevator at the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios.

5. Barbie and Ariel

We owe these two characters to the lovely Disney Legend Jodi Benson—she's plastic, fantastic and a little mermaid too! She also makes a somewhat-famous cameo appearance as a secretary in "Enchanted."

6. Maleficent and the Evil Stepmother

Imagine these two iconic Disney villains—did you know they have the same voice? That would be the voice of Eleanor Audley—can you imagine living with that kind of typecast? If her voice hasn't creeped you out enough, you can also hear it from Madame Leota, as she calls to spirits beyond from her crystal ball in The Haunted Mansion attraction.

7. Sulley and Big Daddy

John Goodman shows his vocal flexibility, as his voice takes the form of Charlotte's adorable southern father in "The Princess and the Frog," as well as "Monster's Inc." top scarer James P. Sullivan.

8. Fairy Godmother, Queen of Hearts, Flora the Good Fairy, and Mrs. Jumbo

Now what could all of these characters have in common?! Simple—all were voiced by the incomparable Verna Felton. She seems to have the classy matron voice down pat, wouldn't you agree?

9. Mulan and Jasmine

Sort of! While these two princesses had separate actresses speaking their lines, both of their singing voices were supplied by beautiful soprano Lea Salonga.

10. All of these guys -

Two words: John Ratzenberger. This man has had a small role in just about every Pixar movie known to man. Above are a few, but see if you can pick out some more the next time you sit down to watch one of your Pixar favorites.

11. Belle and Megara?!

Well, sort of. Susan Egan was notable for her role as Meg in "Hercules," but she actually started with Disney playing Belle in the original Broadway cast of "Beauty and the Beast" four years prior. Go listen to their cast recording now, it's her! Now imagine what would have happened if Gaston had went after Meg!

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