7 Tips On How To Rebound After A Rough Semester

Last semester was a rough one for me. Every day was a struggle to balance my studies, my job as a Community Leader (a cooler and better RA, if you will), family, friends, and self-care. To be very honest, my job and friends seemed to take priority over everything else.

But this semester, I have another chance to do better than ever. And you do too. Here are tips on how to regain a fresh new perspective during a new semester of college.

1. Schedule everything. I mean everything.

Yes, you have certain class times and specific meeting hours during your week, but all that unscheduled time is valuable. Make use of Google Calendar, Reminders, and other helpful websites such as Schedule Builder to customize your schedule to how you want it. Mark out time to eat, sleep, study, and stick to it. I promise there is time for everything. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Make use of every single one.

2. Limit screen time.

Admit it. You are probably wasting too much time scrolling through social media each day. I understand that our phones and laptops have become essential to our lives (believe me I know) but that doesn't mean you should waste 3 hours scrolling through Instagram videos. Instead, use that valuable time and be productive. Catch up on studying, read a book, or hang out with friends face to face. Your phone can wait.

3. Don't say yes to everything.

I am definitely guilty of this. I want to say yes at every opportunity, whether it's going out for coffee, volunteering at an event, or committing to something for my sorority. Again, your time is valuable. No one will be hurt if you say, "Sorry, I can't" once in a while.

4. Set your goals for the semester.

Do you want a 4.0? Do you want to earn A's and B's? Or do you just want to do better than last semester? If you write out what your goals are, you are more likely to focus on how to achieve them. Keep them in a journal, agenda, or even paste them up in your room to have a constant reminder of what you hope to accomplish.

5. Take care of your needs.

Be careful with your time, because it is precious. Use some of your time to take care of yourself. Give yourself a face mask. Journal and recount your day. Meditate and find your inner peace. One of your top priorities should be yourself. Do more than just treat yo' self, treat your mind, body, and spirit.

6. Study like you mean it.

You know the way you study during finals like everything matters with this final exam? Maybe instead of relying on the final, work hard for every test. Even if your final counts for a majority of your final grade, every test makes a difference.

7. Don't get distracted.

There are so many distractions in college such as social activities, technology, and toxic energy. Don't let yourself get off the path of success. You are too talented and valuable to waste time.

Last semester may have been bad, but you are more than capable of doing better than ever.

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