Why Democrats Fail
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Unfortunately For Us, The Democratic Party Is Doomed To Always Fail

It's time to take a look at the failures of the party.

Unfortunately For Us, The Democratic Party Is Doomed To Always Fail

When Neo-Nazis marched with tiki torches in Charlottesville and killed a counter-protester with a car, the Republican President got on the TV the next day and said they were "very fine people." He also said the people protesting against fascism were "just as bad" as the fascists.

More recently, when a young, Democratic congresswoman accurately described our relationship with Israel, Democrats took to the media to decry and defame her as an anti-Semite.

Her name has been dragged through the mud and she has been slandered and this resulted in the far-right engineering attacks on her because of her Muslim faith.

Even after a shooting in New Zealand which resulted in 49 Muslims dead, because they committed the crime of being Muslims, nobody has apologized for what was done to Ilhan Omar.

Therein lies the reasons why the Democratic Party will never succeed, at least in the long term. Even if, by some miracle, the Democrat beats Trump in 2020, what will happen?

If Bernie Sanders wins, he will likely fail to get his agenda moving because of his own party.

The Democrats, even with a super majority in the Senate, will not do wildly popular things that Democratic voters want, like abolishing private insurance. How can we expect Democrats to fight insurance companies when most of them receive major campaign contributions from insurance companies?

If any other Democratic nominee is elected, they will simply return to the status quo of centrism and the system will inevitably produce a second Trump.

The majority of voters, especially voters that vote Democrat, favor progressive causes like Medicare For All, abortion rights, legalizing marijuana, etc.

However, Democrats in office repeatedly fail to represent the views of their constituency.

The best example of this is a bunch of young activists that went to lobby for California Senator Dianne Feinstein to support the Green New Deal (which is now beginning to poll well with even Republican voters) and instead she told them "you aren't even old enough to vote."

Meanwhile, let's take a look at the Republican Party, also known as The Party that currently controls all three branches of government.

After the 2008 election, Republicans were defeated at nearly every level. The party was lost and humiliated; it had no direction. Luckily for them, the masterminds came up with a genius plan to win again.

The GOP knew its voter base consisted of old people, racists, and the rich. However, the first two groups outnumber the last, so they started appealing to those types.

The GOP race-baited with President Obama, nominated immigration hardliners and religious fundamentalists and it spiraled further and further to the right until now it has become totally openly racist with fascist sympathizers.

However, that's what the base believes in. President Trump has the lowest approval ratings overall, but if you look at his approval rating from exclusively within voters for his own party, they are always in the 80s-90s range.

This means that the Republicans, in order to win elections, are going to continue to nominate people just like Trump for all positions. You saw this in the Alabama Republican primary in 2017 the moderate lost to the radical anti-immigrant fundamentalist.

And if you look at the Democrats, they are openly at war with their own base. Party power brokers are already discussing trying to primary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, women who inspired more people in 2018 than Nancy Pelosi did in her entire life.

When candidates like Bernie and AOC get involved, the Party lines up against them. Joe Lieberman, will go on the news and denounce the party members for "going too far left" when they imply poor people should not starve to death.

I think the best example of how the Democrats failing their constituents hurts them electorally is the year 2009.

Barack Obama won with a pretty wide margin in the electoral. He promised the people hope and change, and the people interpreted that as meaning he would bring about serious progressive reforms.

The fight to pass the Affordable Care Act began, the Democrats in the Senate had a supermajority, so they could, ideally, pass whatever they wanted.

Part of the debate on the ACA dealt with a public option, people could choose a healthcare provider that wasn't a private, for-profit, corporation. This angered the health insurance lobby that controlled a lot of Democrats, including Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman vowed to fight against a public option, so it was scrapped.

The ACA then went on to prove to be a band-aid on a shotgun wound, meaning it failed to really address the real problems of healthcare in this country.

People being upset with the bill is what allowed the Republicans to have one of the greatest comebacks in politics in 2010, and they went on to keep winning up until 2016 when they finally won the White House.

Had the Democrats fought to get a public option, they would have been a much more popular party and they would have ended up being able to rally their base and hold off the Republican victories.

To sum things up, it can be viewed simply: Democrats always lose when voter turnout is low. Voter turnout is low when Democrats run with uninspiring candidates.

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