Demi Lovato's Video For 'Stone Cold' Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful
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Demi Lovato's Video For 'Stone Cold' Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Demi delves into her passion, and this might be her most powerful song yet.

Demi Lovato's Video For 'Stone Cold' Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato launched the music video for her song “Stone Cold” on Feb. 23 and within the past two days it has already gained over two million views on Youtube. This song was inspired by Demi’s own pain and heartbreak, and was beautifully filmed in Park City, Utah.

The music video is incredibly emotionally powerful from the passion she puts into her performance and her intense vocals and lyrics. In an interview with, Demi explains: "During the shooting I channeled my emotion into it and I just went there, and when he yelled 'cut' I almost couldn't stop crying cause I really went to a place of like -- just letting myself feel."

According to Demi, she wanted this video to purely focus on the heartbreaking lyrics. This song is not easy for her to sing because it takes her to a place of feeling broken inside, and this is one of the reasons why she is clothed in every scene, including when she is in the bathtub. As she states on her Instagram, “When I shot this video, I didn’t want it to be anything close to glamorous or anywhere near ‘sexy.’ I wanted it to be like nothing that I’ve ever put in the creative to a video I’ve shot. This song hurts. So unbelievably bad.”

These are some of the most powerful lyrics from her song, and paired with the video they are just plain beautiful.

“You see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor.”

This is from one of the most intense verses in the entire song, because it explains how people who experience heartbreak feel in their daily lives. Life does not allow us to just “take a break” when we feel heartbroken on the inside. We keep going. Though people may seem fine on the outside, inside there is a whole battle of emotions occurring. Demi presents a powerful image of her holding herself together when life is shredding her to pieces. I think everyone can relate to this feeling.

“I’ll take the pain, give me the truth.”

This verse portrays how at times hearing the truth means also accepting the pain that goes with it. Sometimes, people will ignore the truth because the reality of facing it is too painful. I can attest to feeling this way. It is easier to live in ignorance, but that won’t allow you to move forward in life. In order to grow, we must accept everything life throws at us - with pain comes healing.

This song has allowed Demi to develop her true sound as an artist. Many people still think of Demi as the Disney Channel star from "Camp Rock," however, she is so much more than that. All of her life experiences have helped her grow as a singer and performer.

Now that she has a foundation for herself as an artist, she can truly delve into the music styles she is the most passionate about. In a commentary from her Spotify Session, she explained that she grew up listening to soul music and Motown and that in previous years she wasn't staying true to herself in her music: “I think I compromised who I was as an artist, because I was so afraid of what people thought, and I wanted so badly to have hits so people would learn who I was.”

Demi has grown immensely as an artist and in her personal life. She is an inspiration for young women to be themselves and let go of the high standards our society places on them, from who you should be and what you should look like to where you choose to take your career. The title of her most recent album is “Confident”, which attests to how she's grown to live her life and inspires others to be confident in themselves. Demi is using her voice to speak to millions, and inspire them to keep living their life through the heartbreak. After all, pain is only temporary.

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