Definitive Ranking of the Characters from Grey's Anatomy
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Definitive Ranking of the Characters from Grey's Anatomy

We all have our favorite...

Definitive Ranking of the Characters from Grey's Anatomy
Bob D'Amico

Through the many seasons of this medical show phenomenon, Shonda Rhimes has created some pretty incredible characters and some not-so-great characters. So without further adieu, a definitive ranking of the characters from Freeform’s (formerly known as ABC) Grey’s Anatomy.

28. Leah Murphy

I don’t know what it is about Murphy but she is really just not likeable. The way that she can literally get attached to anyone is annoying and almost pathetic.

27. Erica Hahn

Dr. Hahn was crucial to Callie’s development as a proud lesbian woman but other than that, not a very interesting or complex character.

26. Andrew DeLuca

When DeLuca first came on the show, my reaction was, “Ooooh, new eye candy!” But after getting to know his character, I now realize that he just likes to drag things out and make them complicated for everyone, especially Alex Karev.

25. Jo Wilson (or whatever her real name is)

Jo seemed sweet and smart when first starting off on the show. I love the fact that her and Alex were best friends before they started dating. However, same as DeLuca, she just complicates things for everyone in her life.

24. Izzie Stevens

I realize that she is one of the original five interns, but to be blunt, I wasn’t a fan from the start. She made a lot of stupid decisions and continued to make stupid decisions until she left out of nowhere? What a waste.

23. Adele Webber

The only part of this show that Adele was vital to was how Meredith’s childhood ended up the way it did. RIP.

22. Ellis Grey

I realize that Ellis is reason that Meredith is “dark and twisty” and that she made Meredith who she is but we all have to agree that the way that she treated Meredith as a child was completely despicable. RIP.

21. Preston Burke

When I watched Grey’s Anatomy all the way through for the first time, I just thought that Burke acted the way he did because he was brilliant. As for the second time, I stopped sugar-coating it for myself and took into account that Burke is a condescending asshole.

20. Nathan Riggs

I don’t know too much about him other than his back-story involving Owen and frankly, I don’t really care to know. He’s just kind of there.

19. Addison Montgomery

It seems to me that Addison gives great advice but isn’t great at taking her own advice. Her moral compass is a slightly off. (Although, in this show, whose isn’t?)

18. Amelia Shepherd

By the time that Owen and Amelia got married, I was sort of done with Amelia’s whole push-pull charade she had going on. Then I thought it would get better because they got married and I was sorely mistaken.

17. April Kepner

I hate to say it but April starts off really uptight and then when she finally let’s go and stops caring, she doesn’t commit to it. She blocks out the one person that matters the most. She’s so indecisive that the back and forth gives me whiplash.

16. Stephanie Edwards

Can we just stop for a second and think about the fact that this woman had to sit in a church pue and watch her boyfriend confess his unwavering love for another woman who was standing at the altar to get married to someone who is not her boyfriend? Strong as hell. I’d love to see a development on her back story.

15. Teddy Altman

Just when we thought the love between Cristina and Owen was about to get a lot simpler, here comes Teddy. As a person in general, love her. In the storyline, not too fond of her.

14. Callie Torres

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Callie. She is a strong, independent Hispanic woman (muy fuerte!). But her temper tantrums are a little hard to handle. When she gets into a funk, she lets it affect every part of her life.

13. Arizona Robbins

Again, I love her and her passion and brilliance for her job but her temper tantrums and moodiness are a little hard to handle. I also love how she persevered after losing a LEG.

12. Maggie Pierce

Maggie is an overall good person. She hasn’t really done anything spectacular nor has she done anything horrible. She is brilliant though.

11. Lexie Grey

Lexie was a wonderful contribution to the show. There were times when she was a little strange and over-enthusiastic but it worked for her. RIP.

10. Richard Webber

No one can deny that Richard was a wonderful chief of surgery. Other than when incidents involved Meredith Grey, he was diplomatic and very wise. What I cannot get over is that he allowed himself to continue working while dealing with his drinking problem. He also went back on his word too much.

9. Mark Sloan

Although at first his motives were questionable, the way that he fell for Lexie was both adorable and endearing. He really turned himself around when his long lost daughter found him and when Callie became pregnant with Sofia. RIP.

8. Owen Hunt

A hard egg to crack but a wonderful friend to all (I mean, besides Riggs at one point). You can’t help but feel horrible about his PTSD, especially since he’s trying to hard to get back to normal life. The moment he finds his way out of that dark tunnel is a glorious one.

7. Jackson Avery

Although he does act like a child at times (because, you know, his mother owns part of the hospital), he accepts everyone with open arms and works well with pretty close to everyone. Even when Kepner puts him through the ringer, he still loves and cares for her. (I just hate what he did to Stephanie – sorry, couldn’t be left unsaid.)

6. George O’Malley

Jumps in front of a bus and is then dragged by the bus to save the life of a girl he doesn’t even know… Incredible. I think that will suffice as an explanation. RIP.

5. Derek Shepherd

Ugh, McDreamy. His love is like no other. Need I say more? RIP.

4. Alex Karev

Can we all just agree that Karev is the unsung hero of Grey’s? On the outside, a cold-hearted player just looking to get into girls’ pants but on the inside, a warm, loving doctor who is a kid-loving softie.

3. Miranda Bailey

Yes, she may have been “The Nazi” in the first season, but by the end of the first season, you know that she is one of the strongest women on the show. She puts up with so much bullshit and somehow manages to keep it all together.

2. Meredith Grey

She IS the main character of the entire series which is exactly why I couldn’t give her the #1 ranking. (It would be a tie if this weren’t a DEFINITIVE ranking.)

1. Cristina Yang

The reason that I chose Cristina Yang for the #1 spot is because of her attitude toward herself. She has so much respect for herself. Might she be arrogant at times? Yes, but the faith that she has in herself is inspiring and should encourage others (especially aspiring female doctors) to be just as headstrong.

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